South Carolina is the Next Georgia

South Carolina is the Next Georgia   Richland City Councilor Gretchen Barron completed Emerge South Carolina’s training in 2020. In 2020, the decades of work by Stacey Abrams and other Black women leaders blossomed into a real victory for Democrats, with community-led organizing and voter registration campaigns leading to… Read More

Campaigning Through Crisis Webinar Series

We understand that running a traditional campaign is not possible during this public health crisis. That is why Emerge is offering a new, five-part webinar series that will help prepare Democratic women to continue to campaign during this time. Leaders matter and we want to make sure they are equipped… Read More

2019 Candidate Spotlight: Radhika Nath

My name is Radhika Nath and I am running for Denver Public Schools’ Board of Education because every child deserves high-quality education and the opportunity to succeed. I came to this country as an immigrant drawn to its excellent higher educational institutions. I… Read More

2019 Candidate Spotlight: Jamila E. Taylor

I expected a run for public office would be tough but I never imagined the positive reactions I received after announcing my candidacy. My name is Jamila E. Taylor and I am running for Federal Way City Council in Washington state. I graduated from the Emerge Washington 2019 Christine… Read More

2019 Candidate Spotlight: Janet Kennedy

I am running for Duluth Minnesota 5th District City Council because it’s time we make a difference together in building a Western community of neighborhoods with opportunities for everyone to live, work, and thrive. I believe a community can only survive and prosper as a whole when everyone is… Read More

2019 Candidate Spotlight: Cynthia Cotte Griffiths

If you look back at my childhood, in many ways it would seem unlikely that I would be running for city council in a wealthy suburb of Washington, D.C. My path was unique and required a community of caring individuals who encouraged and supported me along the way. My… Read More

2019 Candidate Spotlight: Lydia Laythe

I first decided to run for office after working as a trauma therapist in my community. I realized that people in positions of power were making decisions that hurt my clients. Whether it was school board members or state-level elected officials, it was clear there was a disconnect between the… Read More

2019 Candidate Spotlight: Anna Payne

I’m running for Middletown Township Supervisor because I know first-hand how short life is, that we only have a small window of opportunity to make a difference, and most importantly because I want to give back to the community that has done so much for me. I am 32… Read More