2035 Goals

2035 Goals

Our country is changing, and here's what we're doing to build a truly representative democracy.


For far too long, the American government has not reflected the nation, with women being historically excluded at all levels of government. For 15 years, Emerge has steadily worked toward increasing Democratic women’s representation in local, state, and federal elected offices through candidate recruitment and training programs. As we look to the future, we know the country is changing, and Emerge is dedicated to changing right along with it as we work toward a truly representative democracy. 

Emerge 2035: The Plan

  1. Reach 100,000 New American Majority women in the next 15 years from all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and the U.S. territories. Over the next two decades, the country will no longer be majority white. Rather, there will be a New American Majority – Black, Brown, and Indigenous women, women of color, LGBTQ+, young, and unmarried women – who will lead our country. We believe in representative democracy, and to achieve that, Emerge will double down on our work to recruit and train women of the New American Majority. 
  2. Grow our network and continue to nurture a lift as you climb strategy and culture so that women are pulling each other up to higher office. It’s critical that once we get women into elected offices that we are setting them up for success. Emerge will pack the political pipeline all the way to the top with women who are ready to seize on opportunities and foster a culture of women pulling up other women after them as they ascend to higher office.
  3. Expand our recruitment strategy from state legislatures and key state and local offices to include influential appointed positions. We know that when there are more women in politics more policies and legislation get passed that help women and families. We will elevate our mission to change politics as usual by flipping state legislatures, office leadership, and campaigns to majority-woman, as well as making sure that there are Emerge alums appointed to boards and commissions all across the country. 


New American Majority

Our country is changing–from our demographics to the way we live our lives–and our government must reflect this new reality and a progressive vision of the future. The New American Majority is not just the “future” of the Democratic Party, it is the “now” of the Democratic Party. These women not only fuel Democratic victories as organizers and voters but continue to be some of the most exciting candidates on the ballot. Through their sheer presence and political prowess, they are transforming government bodies of political power into a truly representative democracy. It’s critical that we start preparing them to lead our country. 

Lift As You Climb Culture

It’s also critical that once we get women into these elected offices that we are setting them up for success and to move up the political pipeline. Kamala Harris may be the first woman to ever be elected Vice President, but her journey to the White House started at the local level when she was elected San Francisco District Attorney. If we want to ensure she isn’t the last, we need to pack the political pipeline all the way to the top with qualified, Democratic women who are ready to seize on opportunities when they happen.

Repower Political Structures

Democratic women must have a seat at the table–every decision-making table–so that we can be sure that our country heads down a path to a brighter future–one where the policies our leaders put in place benefit everyone. Emerge will redefine “politics as usual” by flipping state legislatures and campaigns and office leadership into majority-woman. And while winning more elected offices is an essential component of the strategy, we are expanding our work in recognition that appointed positions are essential to government and are roles that need women leaders.