‘It’s Our Time’: Meet 18 Candidates Leading the Historic Rise of Black Women Running for Office in Alabama

Figures remains a champion for women. As one of the few current sitting politicians at Glamour’s Birmingham photo shoot, and by far the longest ...
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  • Job Posting
  • May 18, 2018

Emerge America seeks Operations Coordinator

Mission Emerge America and the Emerge affiliates share one mission: To increase the number of Democratic women leaders from diverse backgrounds in ...
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Hillary Clinton’s 2018 Midterms Plan Is To Fight Like A Republican

Hillary Clinton Is Not Going Away Quietly. Can Hillary Clinton Please Go Quietly Into The Night? Unlike Losers Before Her, Clinton Is Not Going ...
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Hold the euphoria. These women face an uphill climb.

They were two first-time candidates running for congressional seats in Pennsylvania. Both in their early 30s. Both former prosecutors. Both military ...
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More Women Are Running, But In Oregon It’s Not Only About Trump

There’s a record number of women running for political posts this election cycle. Some are motivated by the federal political landscape, others by ...
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  • News Article
  • Apr 26, 2018
  • CNN

Republicans left behind in blue Democratic wave of new women candidates

Dressed in a blue flight suit adorned with a US flag and her name, Martha McSally, the US Congresswoman representing this Tucson, Arizona crowd, ...
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Recent election cycles have seen more than 40 percent of state legislative seats left uncontested. Not this year.

Graig Meyer, who serves in the North Carolina House, spent months recruiting fellow Democrats to run for legislative seats this year. He hoped to ...
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Women dominate the state Supreme Court, but gender parity a long way off for other Wisconsin offices

When Rebecca Dallet was elected to the Wisconsin Supreme Court on Tuesday, she gave Wisconsin the honor of having the highest percentage of women on ...
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Meet Some of the Women Running for Office in Michigan

Thousands gathered at the Michigan State Capitol in January for Power to the Polls, an event with speeches on feminism, transgender rights, ...
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Vermont Has Never Had A Woman In Congress & The Reason Why Isn’t What You’d Expect

In many ways, Vermont is a liberal oasis. Self-described democratic socialist Bernie Sanders has represented the state in Congress for 27 years; ...
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