Yes We Can, and Yes We Will

  • Apr 9, 2012
  • Allison Abney
Some of us have been told “you are a woman, you can’t run for office.” Others might be more familiar with “you have a big heart; you are no good in the political game.” While others might have heard “you are too young, and you are a woman.  You lack experience; you are too emotional.” Whatever it might be, I am here to tell you, that women CAN run for office, we WILL run for office, and we can WIN!
Through the Emerge program I have learned a great deal about what it takes to be a good candidate. It is about the lay of the land; your strategy; DATA. It is not so much that as women we have to be experts in all issues affecting our community, but rather, who can play the best candidate. It is about building trust through emotion and the overall message the candidate conveys to her constituents. 
Programs like Emerge CA are here to help us.  This program assists in breaking through some of the deeply embedded patterns that often deter women from seeking public office including traditional family roles, perceptions of what it means to be a qualified candidate, and a gender gap in political recruitment. The Emerge CA Program not only inspires women to run and hone their skills to win, but aims to increase the number of Democratic Women elected to public office.  Join Emerge CA and its movement to inspire and prepare more women to enter electoral politics. Our legislatures need us. Policy areas surrounding gender equity, day care, flex time, abortion, minimum wage increases and food stamps will continue to receive attention only if we elect more women legislators. Let’s take action now and join our movement!
Maria R. Orozco
Emerge California
Class of 2012