Worth the Investment

  • Mar 12, 2013
  • natalie
By Erica Mattison, Emerge Massachusetts Class of 2013
There’s no doubt about it – it’s an investment.  Many women who consider enrolling in Emerge are concerned that with all the other things they have going on in their lives, they will not be able to also find the time to participate in Emerge.  With work, family, civic activities, and school, it can be hard to find the time to squeeze in another time commitment.  But I think I speak for dozens if not hundreds of women, when I say Emerge is an investment worth making.
After just a couple of months in Emerge, I have met dozens of interesting people (mostly women) from a variety of backgrounds, including Emerge board members, panelists, alums, and current participants.  Even though I was active in my community and had an extensive network of contacts before entering Emerge, what I have experienced in the program has inspired me to connect with even more people and explore ways of enhancing my civic and political involvement.  Recently, I have been lending support to an Emerge peer in her quest for a City Council seat and contributing my organizing and fundraising skills to a local non-profit arts education organization.  
Now, when I meet women interested in building their skills, connecting with other dynamic women, and exploring their interest in political office, I have a place to send them – straight to Emerge!  While there are many other valuable training programs available, Emerge provides a unique opportunity to bond with fellow Democratic women from around one’s state, while learning from each other and a fabulous line-up of experienced panelists and trainers.