Why I’m Running for District Court Judge

  • Nov 5, 2018
  • Tierra D. Jones, Emerge Nevada '16

My name is Tierra Jones and I am running to retain my seat as the presiding Judge in the Eighth Judicial District Court – Department Ten in Las Vegas, Nevada.  As a native Nevadan, I am a public servant who is passionate about making Las Vegas, as well as the State of Nevada, a better place to live for every resident.

I am running because I believe that our citizens are entitled to justice.  From the moment that I began law school, I knew that I wanted to be a judge.  Judges have tremendous responsibility and can impact the lives of citizens who appear before them because in most situations, they have the ultimate authority on the resolution of cases.  I wanted to provide a necessary and often omitted viewpoint to a system that could benefit all of those involved. As the first African American woman to sit on the state court bench, my past experiences inform how I see my role. It is an honor to work each day to ensure that the law is applied fairly and that everyone has equal access to a just and proper outcome.

There are many critical issues facing our justice system, both criminally and civilly. Before I took my position on the bench, the Eighth Judicial District Court made key reforms that would better serve the citizens of my city, but I continue to see room for improvement. I enjoy having the opportunity to build on those reforms, evaluate the effectiveness of our justice system and collaborate daily with phenomenal colleagues and partners who also have the same vision for what we can achieve.  Should I retain my seat on the bench in 2018, I would like to be a part of giving every citizen quicker case resolution and a better understanding of the legal options available to them.

It is my hope that we strive to do more on behalf of those we serve in the community of Clark County.