• Feb 5, 2013
  • meredith
By Nicole Golden, Emerge Maine Class of 2013
As women we often need prodding beyond our reason to enter politics. Consider this my nudge to you.  As women we often need external validation to think being elected is a possibility for us. This is me telling you “You can!” As women we often need to feel as though we know it all before committing.  This is me telling you “You know enough just having lived this life.” I can say, and do, all of this because Emerge Maine and the people associated with it have done the same for me.  I am doing something.  I can’t wait to see what you do! We are all unique.  Our childhoods, our experiences, our fear and joys, they are all our own.  Yet when we tell the stories and share the emotions we felt in those times, they resonate far and wide and our differences melt away.  We are all unique which in turn makes us all the same.  It is in this paradox that we empathize and mobilize, together.
We all have skills.  Some are fundraising machines. Some form strong coalitions with ease.  Some speak with the public as though they are the best of friends.  Still others have quiet resolve while maintaining a steadfast stance for their cause.  We have individual skills, but when joined we make a well-rounded force calling for a reckoning.    
We all have something to offer.  This is what I have come to realize.  No matter our journeys or how we respond to the inevitable yet varied turns in our lives, we are all amazing and have something to put forward to the world and each other.
So now that it is clear that we each have something to contribute, a way to do so which best suits our given talents and a uniqueness that allows us to stand out while still being a part of the human kind, what are we to do? My time with Emerge has taught me that the answer is something. Run for office, help a campaign, push for a cause. Whatever it is, above all else, do something.