Never Lose Faith

  • Dec 10, 2012
  • meredith
By Lolita D. Miller, Emerge California Class of 2013
My hands were shaking; my blood was pumping like blazing fire.  My heart raced with great power; it was like the melody of drums that communed with the war dance. It reminded me of my ancestors preparing for battle . . . this was the essence of my heart . . . this was my moment to embrace Emerge. The moment of truth . . .
Never lose faith.
Gracefully, as I gathered myself, I beamed with power and I walked into my interview with the Emerge Panel; I was bold, ready and fearless.  I staked my claim that we were destined to unite as sisters and partners for life.
In that moment, it was true our confidence in each other was a perfect match.  I needed Emerge and Emerge needed me; our dreams were the same. We will reach the mountain top of success climbing the political walls of victory, fighting and winning the battles for all, and we will be the women leaders for a democratic future!
As strong women, we know, we must stand firm and we must embrace the power to be us. We will speak boldly with great confidence to the needs of our nation and to the world. We will reach deep within ourselves and we will make a difference . . .
We will never lose faith!