Joan Shannon becomes third woman to enter race for Burlington’s next mayor

  • Nov 3, 2023
  • Anna Guber
  • NBC 5

If a woman is elected, she will be the first female mayor of Burlington

Democrat Joan Shannon, a long-standing member of Burlington City Council, formally announced she is entering the race to be the next mayor of Burlington.

Shannon announced her bid at Burlington City Hall on Thursday afternoon. She is now the third female to enter the race for the 2024 mayoral election.

Democrat Karen Paul and progressive Emma Mulvaney-Stanik have also launched campaigns. Currently, the three women are the only candidates running.

If a woman is elected, she will be the first female mayor of Burlington. And outgoing mayor Miro Weinberger said after 150 years of male leaders, he thinks it’s time for a change.

“It is really striking that we’ve had more than 40 mayors now without a woman in this role,” Weinberger said. “And it would be great if that changed.”

Each of the candidates has outlined the need to address the public health and drug crisis, as well as the lack of affordable housing in Burlington.

Elaine Haney, director of Emerge Vermont, said if a female is elected, however, her influence will go beyond their political agenda.

“It’s important for women who are considering running for office, or who wish they could be involved in their communities more, or for young girls to see examples of other women in leadership in their communities,” Haney said.

However, there is still more time for candidates to enter the race.

Party nominations are expected to take place in December, and voters will elect the next mayor at Town Meeting Day in March.