Five Reasons Why America Needs More Moms In Elected Office

  • May 11, 2015
  • Allison Abney

San Francisco, Calif.—Moms are ideal candidates, and that’s why Emerge America, the only national organization that recruits, trains and supports a powerful network for Democratic women candidates, launched campaign to increase the number of women candidates by 20 percent, starting with moms.

“This Mother’s Day, show your love and respect to a mom by telling her to run for office,” said Emerge America founder Andrea Steele.  “A first step to success for women starts with someone they love encouraging them to run.  America needs more moms in office, so recruit a mom today.”  Here are Emerge America’s the top five reasons why moms make great candidates:

  1. Moms get things done.
    From balancing family and career, to juggling carpools, to running the PTAs, moms are effective and efficient at managing competing priorities. 
  2. Moms are community organizers.
    Mothers rally their neighbors for everything from the neighborhood cookout to the school board meeting. Moms know how to organize around a common goal and fight for a cause.
  3. Moms know how and when to negotiate, compromise, and put their foot down
    Negotiating with a three year old prepares you for the toughest legislative battle. Moms know how discipline and resolve leads to positive compromise.
  4. Moms who run for office win!
    80% of the women in the US Senate and House of Representatives are moms, including the first female speaker of the House,Nancy Pelosi.  100% of current female governors are moms. 
  5. Moms are passionate advocates for our future
    More moms express interest in running for office than women without children.  Moms will fight for their families and constituents alike.


Emerge America is changing the face of American politics by identifying, training and encouraging women to run for office, get elected and seek higher office.  As the number of elected Democratic women remains flat or even declines, the need for their work is growing across the country. They currently work in 14 states. Emerge America’s role is to serve the states where they work, open new state programs and build capacity to train more women in each of their current states. Visit them online at



SOURCE Emerge America