Emerging Women, Today

  • Dec 19, 2012
  • meredith
By Aisha Wahab, Emerge California Class of 2013
Coming off the heels of a recent election is difficult. Waking up early, having no other campaign to work on leaves a person questioning what is next. Emerge California was the perfect decision for a person wanting to get their feet wet, with the hopes of eventually running for office. Sadly, less than 20% of politicians are women. Emerge is going to change that.
As an American that often reflects modern day events to historical events, it becomes very apparent that history repeats itself. We still have to wait to have a female President, just as we waited for the right to vote. Women are often silent victims of a male-dominated society. Men make up 90% of boards, they are the majority in holding senior positions at well-respected institutions, and continue to be on top. The irony is that when women are in power, there tends to be more stability in a company and less corrupt. The United States of America has been ranked as having less women in elected office than Afghanistan.
When will we, a more developed country, be ready for women in power? NOW! What are we waiting for, for someone to give it to us? No, we must take it. Our time is now; we accomplish what we want in this country. Women demanded to be able to work, demanded for their right to vote, and must demand an office. The problem not only stems from the good ol’ boy’s club but also the lack of working together for it. Emerge is one of the few places where women are taught to network and work together to achieve their individual goals.
American women must be first, we must work together to demand a seat at any and every table. Emerge will help us do that. I’m excited to see who else EMERGES to being the next official.