Emerge Launches State Affiliate in Georgia

  • Oct 21, 2019
  • Emerge Staff



October 21, 2019

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Emerge Launches State Affiliate in Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia—With a surge of women newly interested in running for office, Emerge Georgia is launching in the Peach State becoming Emerge’s newest state affiliate nationwide. Emerge is the nation’s leading organization that recruits, trains and provides a powerful network for Democratic women to win elected office.

Emerge Georgia will be the premier political leadership training organization for Democratic women in the state. Through its unique 6-month, 70-hour campaign training program, the organization will provide cutting-edge tools and a vast network of support to Democratic women interested in pursuing public office at the local, state and national levels. Since Emerge was founded in 2002, the organization has trained more than 4,000 women to run and currently has 747 women in elected office across the country at every level.

“We are thrilled to be in Georgia! The women leaders all across the state are more than ready to lead in office,” said Amanda Renteria, Interim President at Emerge. “This launch represents an important step forward in our efforts to create a more inclusive democracy. When we equip women with the tools they need to launch successful campaigns and claim their seats at the table, we are making a collective investment in our future as a nation.”

“The work that Emerge is doing to train and prepare more Democratic women to run for office in Georgia is critical to giving our communities the political representation they need and deserve,” said Mayor Deana Holiday Ingraham of East Point, Georgia. “I know firsthand what a difference it makes to have women at the table and I look forward to seeing more of us step into the political arena and lead.”

There are currently 5 Emerge trained elected officials in Georgia including Congresswoman Lucy McBath, State Sens. Jennifer Jordan and Zahra Karinshak and State Reps. Becky Evans and Shelly Hutchinson.

“The launch of Emerge Georgia demonstrates our organization’s focus on expanding its work in the South and ensuring that Democratic women in Georgia have an opportunity to better their communities and change the face of politics in the region,” said A’shanti Gholar, National Political Director at Emerge. “In 2018, we all witnessed the significant energy and passion for change among Georgians and we believe that uplifting even more Democratic women candidates of all backgrounds into elected office will build on that phenomenon. I am excited to continue creating a steady pipeline of Emerge alums in the state who will step up to run and create meaningful change.”

“I am excited for the launch of Emerge Georgia because our state needs this now more than ever,” said Adrienne White, Recruitment Chair of the Georgia Democratic Party. “Having the premier candidate training program for Democratic women will help to increase the pipeline of progressive women candidates who will be prepared to win elections and change the political landscape of this state.”

“Emerge Georgia will connect Democratic women into a national network of supporters and mentors during their campaigns and even after they are elected,” said former Georgia State Sen. Simone Bell. “As a former candidate and elected official, I understand the importance of that level of support.”

“Fair Fight Action is excited about the launch of Emerge Georgia,” said Lauren Groh-Wargo, Chief Executive Officer at Fair Fight Action. “Emerge’s long-standing reputation of thoughtful, in-depth training and support is valuable to a state like Georgia that needs more Democratic women leaders more than ever before. We are glad to be in partnership with Emerge Georgia.”

As part of the launch, Emerge Georgia will host a civic dinner to share information about the organization’s work, introduce its mission and provide opportunities to get involved. The dinner will also showcase the organization’s commitment to grassroots outreach and connecting directly with communities to generate support for the recruitment and training of women leaders.

To learn more about Emerge Georgia, please visit emergeamerica.org.