Emerge America Adds Wendy Davis to Advisory Board

  • Apr 11, 2016
  • Allison Abney


MEDIA CONTACT:  Allison Abney

(202) 670-7994allison@emergeamerica.org

Washington, D.C.—Emerge America, the nation’s leading organization for recruiting and training Democratic women to run for office, announced today that it has appointed former Texas state senator, 2014 Texas gubernatorial candidate and nationally-acclaimed women’s issues advocate Wendy Davis as its next advisory board member. Davis will join Emerge’s council of internationally-renowned female trailblazers, including social and political activist Gloria Steinem and Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, and will lend her significant expertise in fighting for Democratic values, as well as her experience as a woman in politics to the organization’s mission of getting more women elected to political offices at all levels.

“I’m very excited to join the Emerge America Advisory Board and proud to support the critical work the organization does to achieve equal representation in government and safeguard our rights,” said Davis. “I served in public office at the local level then rose to a state position, and I understand the need to support and nurture our talent up through the ranks. Our decision-making bodies desperately need the unique perspectives and commitment to equality and fairness women bring to the table. And the repeated assaults on our freedoms from Republican lawmakers here in Texas and in legislatures across the nation demand our constant vigilance. As a woman who’s stood up for progressive values my entire career—and even one time for 13 hours straight to protect reproductive rights—I can tell you that nobody is better suited for the job than Democratic women.”

Since its founding in 2002, Emerge America has trained more than 2,000 Democratic women to run for office. The organization’s selective 70-hour training program operates in 16 states across the country and teaches participants real-world political skills like public speaking, fundraising, campaign strategy, labor and political endorsements, voter contact, media and messaging and more. Program members also meet an array of dynamic women who hold elected and appointed office and become a part of a supportive network, which includes a national association of Emerge alumnae, the Emerge America board and advisory council members.

The organization has already achieved significant successes in changing the face of American politics. To date, more than half of the organization’s alumnae have run for political office or been appointed to local boards or commissions, and 70 percent of those who have run for office have won. What’s more, Emerge is committed to seeing diversity in our decision-making bodies, and prioritizes recruiting and selecting women from a wide variety of communities and identities for its programs. In fact, thirty-four percent of the organization’s graduates are women of color.

“It’s an incredible honor to add someone of Wendy’s stature and knowledge to Emerge America’s advisory board,” said Emerge America President and Founder Andrea Dew Steele. “It goes without saying that Wendy’s steadfast commitment to advancing Democratic principles and unmatched bravery fighting for women’s right to access critical health services will be an invaluable asset to our organization. Today, every Emerge woman gets to add those iconic pink sneakers to her tool belt. We look forward to tapping into Wendy’s singular talent and seeking her wisdom and counsel on a number of critical issues that women running for office face across the country.”

To learn more about Emerge America and its programs, please visit: www.emergeamerica.org.