Democratic National Convention Events

  • Aug 3, 2020
  • Emerge

The 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote, will fall on August 18, during the DNC Convention. That day, Emerge will host a series of events to commemorate this historic milestone–celebrating its passage, examining the areas where the amendment fell short and looking at what still needs to be accomplished today to achieve equal rights for all women. 

The three virtual events will include a Twitter town hall, panel discussion and training to touch on different areas of women’s contributions to Democratic politics during the past 100 years and into the future.

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#AtTheTable: Women, Politics and the Future
(noon ET/11am CT/9am PT)

Even before women were allowed to participate in our Democracy by voting, they were running for office to change our country. Fast forward 100 years since women were given the right to vote, and there are a historic number of women in Congress, yet we still account for less than 25%, even though they are more than 50% of the population. Women of color and LGBTQ+ women are even more underrepresented in these roles. This Twitter Town Hall will feature Emerge alums and Democratic women from across the country who are running for Congress this year. The discussion will focus on the priorities and policies that Democratic women on the ballot in November want to see pushed forward in Congress, why we need more women’s representation in our decision-making rooms and the role that women will play in politics going forward as candidates and the base of the Democratic Party. 

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The 19th at 100: Progress and the Path Forward
(3pm ET/2pm CT/ noon PT)

While we have come a long way since the 19th Amendment was passed 100 years ago, America still has a long way to go to achieve true equality for Black women. The 19th Amendment may have been a starting point for women’s inclusion in the political process, but the Black women who marched alongside white women during suffrage were relegated to the back and did not receive full voting rights until decades later. Today, we can clearly see the through line from that point in history when they were excluded to the ongoing struggle for greater participation of Black women in politics, not just as voters, but also as candidates and elected officials. This panel discussion will look back at some of the unsung heroes of the suffrage movement, examine where we are today with Black women’s representation and examine solutions to overcome barriers and build a more equitable system.

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Having the Vote, Raising our Voice.
(6pm ET/5pm CT/ 3pm PT)

There is still more to be done to make our society better and more just. And while the ability to vote is vital, it is only one of many tactics available. This hour-long webinar will cover actions that women can take today, this cycle and even after the election to affect change. The training will provide a brief overview of registering others to vote, lobbying elected officials, volunteering on campaigns, amplifying activism through social media, participating in protests, lifting as you climb and more. All participants will walk away with a plan to make their voices heard on election day and every day.

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