Brimming with Excitement

  • Jan 18, 2012
  • ngpvanadmin

For so many reasons, 2012 looks to be a year filled with excitement, possibilities, and great potential for myself and for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Having just completed my Emerge Massachusetts new member orientation, I am looking forward to our classes, to getting to know my classmates better, and to using what I learn to hopefully better my community. During our orientation, we each learned so much about each other already and I am honored to have been selected to learn and work alongside such inspiring women. Some of my classmates have already run for local office and have lost and are ready to do it again. Some women have won an election and are ready to seek re-election or higher office. Some women have worked on numerous campaigns and are ready to enter themselves. Despite our diversity, our common denominator is that we are passionate about changing the leadership and ready to add our voice.

From just the orientation, I am further encouraged by their motivation and determination to run for higher office. During the weeks ahead, we will be covering such topics as the nuts and bolts of campaigning, fundraising, and public speaking. I cannot wait to use what I learn and am brimming with excitement to know that twenty-one other women will do the same. Come June 2012, twenty-two women will emerge with the skill set, confidence, poise, and conviction to run for office. As Laurel Ulrich wrote, “well-behaved women seldom make history.” From Emerge MA we will fill the vacuum in our political leadership, make our voices heard, and make history.

Chris Chanyasulkit
Emerge Massachusetts
Class of 2012