Amazing Quilted Sisters

  • Oct 11, 2012
  • meredith
by Gayle Russell, Emerge Maine Class of 2013
Amazing Quilted Sisters
Quilts are amazing.
I am passionate about quilts and quilting.
Quilts provide warmth and a sense of security.
Quilts comfort those with sorrow and wrap them with love.
Quilts promote creativity, rearranging the colors of our world into beautiful works of art.
Quilts commemorate special occasions.
Quilts are historical records, telling individual stories of hope, pain, peace, love, loss, life.
Quilts are made from fabric cut into pieces that are then rearranged and positioned to form an infinite variety of shapes and sizes that are as individual as the quilters who design them.
Quilts reveal the beauty that can be achieved by the mere juxtaposition of hues, shades, and tints drawn from an entire spectrum of colors.
Quilting brings joy to women individually and in groups.
Quilting is a process that allows for safe individual and group for processing.
Quilting is a passion for a very diverse cadre of quilters.
Quilts emerge as individual stitches join square to square, and top to backing, holding the quilt together with strong, long lasting, ties.
What could equal my passion for quilting?
Emerge Maine!
I am passionate about Emerge Maine.
Emerge Maine warmly welcomed every member of a very diverse group of women.
Emerge Maine comforted those with sorrow and wrapped every woman in the love of others.
Emerge Maine promoted creativity as we used the visual arts to describe our lives.
Emerge Maine helped us all commemorate special occasions.
Emerge Maine helped us share our histories of hope, pain, peace, love, life.
Emerge Maine, made up of many women from diverse backgrounds, encouraged us to willingly and purposely arrange, rearrange, and reposition ourselves to form an infinite variety of small groups as individual as the participants of which they were comprised.
Emerge Maine reveals the beauty achieved by the juxtaposition of women drawn from a rich spectrum of individual lives and circumstances.
Emerge Maine is a sisterhood formed by individual women joining together as one,
around the long lasting bond of shared democratic values.
Emerge Maine brings joy to women as individuals and as a group.
Emerge Maine is a process that allows for safe individual and group processing.
Emerge Maine is a passion for a very diverse cadre of women.
The Sisterhood of Maine Democratic Women is emerging.
The Quilted Sisters of Emerge Maine are aMAZing!
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