2018 Election Winners

2018 Emerge Election Winners

316 Primary Winners as of September 2018

88 General Election Winners as of September 2018

Primary Elections


Tabitha Isner—US Congress AL-2

Marshell Jackson Hatcher—Circuit Court Judge, 10th Circuit, Place 8

Heather Milam—Secretary of State

Caroline Self—State Senate, District 1

Amy Wasyluka—State Senate, District 2


Hazel Chandler—State House, District 20

January Contreras—Attorney General

Jo Craycraft—State Senate, District 1

Andrea Dalessandro—State Senate, District 2

Jennifer Duff—Mesa City Council

Kristin Dybvig Pawelko—State Senate, District 15

Felicia French—State House, District 6

Sharon Girard—State Senate, District 8

Joan Greene—US Congress, AZ-5

Valerie Harris—State House, District 22

Alexis Hermosillo—Mayor of El Mirage

Katie Hobbs—Secretary of State

Karyn Lathan—Constable, Maricopa County

Jennifer Longdon—State House, District 24

Hollace Lyon—State House, District 11

Jan Manolis—State House, District 1

Christine Marsh—State House, District 28

Kathy Mohr-Almeida—State Senate, District 25

Jennifer Pawlik—State House, District 17

Pamela Powers-Hannley—State House, District 9

Athena Salman—State House, District 26

Teri Sarmiento—State House, District 22

Elaissia Sears—Justice of the Peace, Maricopa County

Kiana Sears—Corporation Commission

Hiral Tipirneni—US Congress AZ-8



Rebecca Bauer-Kahan—State Assembly, District 16

Malia Cohen—State Board of Equalization, District 2

Anna Pletcher—Marin County District Attorney

Shelly Scott—Marin County Assessor

Jackie Smith—State Assembly, District 6


Shannon Bird—State House, District 35

Bri Buentello—State House, District 47

Lisa Cutter—State House, District 25

Rebecca Cranston—State enate, District 15

Jessie Danielson—State Senate, District 20

Monica Duran—State House, District 24

Daneya Esgar—State House, District 46

Rochelle Galindo—State House, District 50

Serena Gonzales—State House, District 4

Jena Griswold—Secretary of State

gslie Herod—State House, District 8

Dominique Jackson—State House, District 42

Dafna Michaelson Jenet—State House, District 30

Beth Melton—Routt County Commissioner

Joan Lopez—Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder

Tammy Story—State Senate, District 16

Brianna Titone—State House, District 27

Faith Winter—State Senate, District 24


Mary Abrams—State Senate, District 13

Aili McKeen—State Senate, District 34



Becky Evans, State House District 83

Shelly Hutchinson, State House District 107

Zahra Karinshak, State Senate District 48

Regina Lewis-Ward, State House, District 109

Lucy McBath, US Congress GA-6


Karen Berg, State Senate District 26

Beverly Chester-Burton, Mayor of Shively

Tracy Davis, Jefferson County District Court Judge

Beth Fiss, Simpson County Circuit Court Clerk

Nicole George, Lousiville Metro Council District 21

Tanisha Hickerson, Jefferson County District Court

Nima Kulkarni, State House District 40

Patti Minter, State House District 20

Terry Ownes, Radcliff City Council


Sue Mackey Andrews—State Senate, District 4

Shenna Bellows, State Senate, District 14

Kylie Bragdon—State House, District 136

Heidi Brooks—State House, District 61

Jennie Butler—State House, District 25

Anne Carney—State House, District 30

Kristen Cloutier—State House, District 60

Doretta Colburn—State House, District 71

Matthea Daughtry—State House, District 49

Janice Dodge—State House, District 97

Jessica Fay—State House, District 66

Laura Fortman—State Senate, District 13

Lois Galgay Reckitt—State House, District 31

Sara Gideon—State House, District 48

Lori Gramlich—State House, District 13

Lisa Hanscom—State House, District 139

Allison Hepler—State House, District 53

Erin Herbig—State Senate, District 11

Natasha Irving—District Attorney, Maine Prosecutorial District 6

Karen Kusiak—State Senate, District 16

Maeghan Maloney—District Attorney, Kennebec and Somerset Counties

Chloe Maxmin—State House, District 88

Jay McCreight—State House, District 51

Victoria Morales—State House, District 33

Ambureen Rana—State House, District 100

Christina Riley—State House, District 74

Heather Sanborn—State Senate, District 28

Bettyann Sheats—State House, District 64

Denise Tepler—State House, District 54

Kimberly Hammill—State House, District 102

Maureen Terry—State House, District 26

April Turner—State House, District 99

Charlotte Warren—State House, District 84



Lorig Charkoudian—House of Delegates, District 20

Charlotte Crutchfield—House of Delegates, District 19

Judy Davis—Worcester County Democratic Central Committee

Sarah Elfreth—State Senate, District 30

Wanika Fisher—House of Delegates, District 47

Jessica Fitzwater—Frederick County Council, District 4

Susan Reeder Jessee—Frederick City Council, At Large

Deb Jung—Howard County Council, District 4

Robbyn Lewis—House of Delegates, District 46

Brooke Lierman—House of Delegaates, District 46

Lesley Lopez—House of Delegates, District 39

Pamela Luby—House of Delegates, District 33

Allison Pickard—Anne Arundel County Council

Tricia Powell—Calvert County Commissioner, District 1

Lily Qi—House of Delegates, District 15

Pamela Queen—House of Delegates, District 14

Christiana Rigby—Howard County Council, District 3

Lisa Rodvien—Anne Arundel County Council, District 6

Makeda Scott—Baltimore County School Board

Stephanie Smith—House of Delegates, District 45

Jheanelle Wilkins—House of Delegates, District 20

Brenda Wolff—Montgomery County Board of Education, District 5

Karen Yoho—Frederick County Board of Education


Christine Barber—State Representative, 34th Middlesex

Sue Chalifoux-Zephir—State Senate, Worcester and Middlesex

Michelle Ciccolo—State Representative, 15th Middlesex

Claire Cronin—State Representative, 11th Plymouth

Diana DiZoglio—State Representative, 14th Essex

Eileen Duff—Governor’s Council, 5th DistrictChristina Eckert—State Representative, 2nd Essex

Emily Farrer—State Representative, 3rd Bristol

Tami Gouviea—State Representative, 14th Middlesex

Allison Gustavason—State Representative, 4th Essex

Andrea Harrington—Berkshire County District Attorney

Natalie Higgins—State Representative, 4th Worcester

Katie McBrine— State Senate, Plymouth and Norfolk

Liz Miranda—State Representative, 5th Suffolk

Tanya Neslusan—State Representative, 1st Hampden

Tram Nguyen—State Representative, 18th Essex

Mary Olberding—Hampshire Register of Deeds

Becca Rausch—State Senate, Norfolk, Bristol, and Middlesex

Maria Robinson—State Representative, 6th Middlesex

Rachael Rollins—Suffolk District Attorney

Deb Rudolf—State Senate, Plymouth and Barnstable

Jean Strauss — State Representative, 5th Worcester

Katie Toomey—Register of Deeds, Worcester County


Kimberly Bizon—US Congress, MI-10

Kyra Harris Bolden—State House, District 35

Nicole Breadon—State House, District 43

Joanne Galloway—State House, District 107

Tonya DeVore-Foreman—Barry County Commissioner, District 6

Mallory McMorrow—State Senate, District 13

Terri McKinnon—State House, District 65

Kelly Rossman-McKinney—State Senate, District 24

Julia Pulver—State Senate, District 15

Katie Scott—Washtenaw County Commissioner, District 9

Sue Shink—Washtenaw County Commissioner

Lori Stone—State House, District 28


Shea Backus—State Assembly, District 37

Jo Cato—University Regent, District 1

Lesley Cohen—State Assembly, Disrict 29

Michelle Gorelow—State Assembly, District 35

Briana Johnson—Clark County Assessor

Kitty Jung—Washoe County Commission, 3

Kali Fox Miller—CCSD Board of Trustees, District F

Connie Munk—State Assembly, District 4

Julie Pazina—State Senate, District 20

Sandra Ramaker—Mesquite City Council, Seat 1

Melanie Scheible—State Senate, District 9

Jennie Sherwood—State Assembly, District 2

New Jersey

Nicole Gillespie—Moorestown Council, Burlington County

Catherine Gurel—Montgomery Committee, Somerset County

Tricia Maguire—Middletown Council, Monmouth County

New Mexico

Katherine Bruch—Sandoval County Commission

Micaela Lara Cadena—State House, District 33

Christine Chandler—State House, District 43

Linda Gallegos—Sandoval County Assessor

Cristy Carbon-Gaul—Probate Court Judge, Bernalillo County

Natalie Figueroa—State House, District 30

Stephanie Garcia Richard—Commissioner of Public Lands

Debra Haaland—US Congress, NM-1

Doreen Wonda Johnson—State House, District 5

Andrea Romero—State House, District 46

Patricia Roybal Caballero—State House, District 13

Maria Sanchez-Gagne—District Court Judge, 1st Judicial District Court

Sara Scott—Los Alamos County Council, Position 1

Xochitl Torres Small—US Congress, NM-2

Karen Trujillo—Doña Ana Commissioner



Teresa Alonso Leon— State House District 22

Lacey Beaty—Beaverton City Council

Heather Buch—Lane County Commissioner

Shemia Fagan—State Senate District 24

Julie Fahey—State House District 14

Kathryn Harrington—Washington County Commission

Val Hoyle—Bureau of Labor and Industries

Alissa Keny-Guyer—State House District 46

Jacqueline Leung—Salem City Council

Christine Lewis—Metro Regional Government Council, District 2

Darcy Long-Curtiss—State House District 59

Sheri Malstrom—State House District 27

Kelsie McDaniel—Union County District Attorney

Jennifer McGuirk—Multnomah County Auditor

Jamie McLeod-Skinner—US Congress OR-2

Karin Power—State House District 41

Rachel Prusak—State House District 37

Andrea Salinas—State House District 38

Jennifer Williamson—State House District 36

Pamela White—Clackamas County Clerk


Mary Auker-Endres, State House District 98

Emily Best, State Senate District 30

Maria Collett, State Senate District 12

Carolyn Comitta, State House District 156

Amy Cozze, State House, District 137

Linda Fields, State Senate, District 24

Pamela Hacker, State House, District 26

Liz Hanbidge, State House District 61

Kristine Howard, State House District 167

Sara Johnson Rothman, State House District 151

Michelle Knoll, State House District 44

Katie Muth, State Senate District 44

Jennifer O’Mara, State House District 165

Kristin Seale, State House District 168

Melissa Shusterman, State House District 157

Lindsey Williams, State Senate District 38

Claudette Williams, State House District 176

Rhode Island

Moira Walsh—State House, District 3


South Carolina

Cindy Boatwright—State House, District 99



Jamie Ballinger—State Senate, District 7

Lori Clemons, Williamson County Commission

Racquel Collins-Mirkovich, Shelby County Commission

Rosabelle Gorman, Hamilton County Commission

Katharine Heriges, Davidson County Executive Committee D-2

Tara Houston, Davidson County Executive Committee D-7

Renee Hoyos—US Congress, TN-2

Martesha Johnson, Nashville Public Defender

London Lamar—State House, District 91

Katrina Robinson-Lee—State Senate, District 33

Kelly Northcutt—State Senate, District 13

Mariah Phillips—US Congress, TN-4

Rebecca Purington—State House, District 61

Anne Quillen—State House, District 25

Evetty Satterfield, Knox County School Board

Danielle Schonbaum—State House, District 83

Kate Trudell—State House, District 16

Jennifer Vanoy—State House, District 34


Shannon Baldwin, Harris County Criminal Court Judge

Lorena Perez McGill, State House District 15


Sarita Austin—State House, Chittenden 9-2

Becca Balint—State Senate, Windham County

Jessica Brumsted—State House, Shelburne County

Sara Coffey—State House, Windham-1

Mari Cordes—State House, Addison-4

Kari Dolan—State House, Washington-7

Charen Fegard—State House, Franklin 5

Susan Fair George—Chittenden County State’s Attorney

Christine Hallquist—Governor of Vermont

Ruth Hardy—State Senate, Addison County

Debbie Ingram—State Senate, Chittenden County

Kathleen James—State House, Bennington-4

Emilie Kornheiser—State House, Brattlesboro (Windham 2-1)

Kate Larose—State House, Franklin 3-1

Pam McCarthy—State Senate, Franklin County

Kiah Morris—State House, Bennington County

Madeline Motta—Assistant Judge for Lamoille County

Carol Ode—State House, Burlington (Chittenden 6-1)

Gina Ottoboni—State House, Rutland-Windsor County

Marybeth Redmond—State House, Chittenden 8-1

Rebecca White—State House, Windsor 4-2


Elizabeth Bennett-Parker—Alexandria City Council

Leslie Cockburn—US Congress, VA-5

Abigail Spanberger—US Congress, VA-7

Vangie Williams—US Congress, VA-1


Mona Das—State Senate, District 47

Lauren Davis—State House, District 32

Immaculate Ferreria—State Senate, District 31

Jessa Lewis—State Senate, District 6

Kay Murano—State House, District 6

Dr. Kimberly Schrier—US Congress, WA-8

Janet St. Clair—Island County Commissioner

Claire Wilson—State Senate, District 30


Elisha Barudin—State Assembly, District 39

Jill Billings—State Assembly, District 95

Nanette Bulebosh—State Assembly, District 27

Kim Butler—State Assembly, District 28

Marisabel Cabrera—State Assembly District 9

Lillian Cheesman—State Assembly, District 15

Rebecca Clarke—State Assembly, District 26

Kelly Danner—Dane County School Board District 11

Nikiya Dodd—Milwaukee City Council, District 5

Margaret Engebretson—US Congress, WI-7

Erica Flynn—State Assembly, District 84

Jackie Gackstatter—Rock County Clerk of Courts

Sarah Godlewski—State Treasurer

Lori Hawkins—State Senate, District 21

Julie Henszey—State Senate, District 5

Diane Hesselbein—State Assembly, District 79

Diana Lawrence—State Assembly, District 56

Alyson Leahy—State Assembly, District 85

Kriss Marion—State Senate, District 17

LaKeshia Myers—State Assembly, District 12

Christine Rahlf—State Assembly, District 60

Elizabeth Riley—State Assembly, District 87

Esther Roberts— Village of Somers Trustee

Melissa Sargent—State Assembly, District 48

Leah Schreiber Johnson— Oak Creek School Board

Nancy Stencil— Marathon County Board, District 36

Shelia Stubbs—State Assembly, District 77

Emily Siegrist—State Assembly, District 24

Lisa Subeck—State Assembly, District 78

Elizabeth Sumner—State Assembly, District 23

Gina Walkington—State Assembly, District 61

JoCasta Zamarripa—State Assembly, District 8

General Elections


Jennifer Adams, Tempe City Council



London Breed—Mayor of San Francisco

Lisette Estrella-Henderson—Solano County Superintendent of Schools

Shanta Franco-Clausen—Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority, District 5

Heidi Gatty—Walnut Creek School District’s Governing Board

Cherise Khaund—MDUSD School Board At Large

Courtney Monk—Los Gatos Union School Board

Heidi Sanborn—Sacramento Municipal Utility District Board, Ward 7

Rachelanne Vander Werf—American River Flood Control Board





Rene Heinrich— Highland Heights City Council



Kim Rich—Portland Water District

Shelby Wright—Hampden Town Council


Paris Bienert—Baltimore City Democratic Central Committee

Candace Dodson-Reed—Howard County Central Democratic Committee

Maureen Evans Arthurs—Howard County Democratic Central Committee

Pamela Faulkner—Washington County Democratic Central Committee

Kristen Franklin—Prince George’s County Democratic Central Committee

Michelle García—Democratic Central Committee, District 21

Mimi Hassanein—Democratic Central Committee, District 14

Laura Henderson—Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee

Phylicia Porter—Baltimore City Democratic Central Committee


Megan Buhr—Hingham Housing Authority

Mary Chaffee—Brewster Selectboard

Chris Chanyasulkit—Town Meeting, Brookline

Margot Fleischman—Selectman, Bedford

Katie Forde—Suffolk County Register of Deeds

Dovie King—Town Committee, Belmont

Judith Underwood—Water Commission, Harwich


Shirley Craddick—Metro Regional Government Council District 1

Sonya Fischer—Clackamas County Commission

Val Hoyle—Bureau of Labor and Industries

Susheela Jayapal— Multnomah County District 2

South Carolina

Allison Terracio—Richland County Council, District 5


Terry Jo Bichell, Davidson County Executive Committee D-34

Erin Curry—Giles County Commission, District 1

Deborah Holbrook—Washington County Commission, District 11

Jodi Jones—Davidson County Commissioner

Deborah Harley-McClaskey—Tennessee State Executive Committee

Amanda Moore—Murfreesboro City School Board At-Large

Jolie Grace Wareham—Tennessee State Executive Committee

Civil Miller-Watkins—Fayette County School Board, District 2


Jana Brown, Richmond Library Trustee

Melody DeFlorio, Orange Southwest School Board

Martine Gulick—Burlington School Board

Cindy Jerome, Dummerston School & Town Moderator

Diane Kirson-Glitman, Mt. Mansfield Union School Board

Julie Raboin, Newport City Council

Korrine Rodrigue, Rutland Town School Board

Anne Watson, Mayor, Montpelier


Selonia Miles, Dumfries Town Council


Julie Allen, Lincoln County Board of Supervisors

Carousel Andrea Bayrd, Dane County Board of Supervisors

Carol Beals, Grant County Board of Supervisors

Tanya Buckingham, Dane County Board of Supervisors

Jessica Carpenter, Shorewood Village Board

Kate Cronin, Verona City Council

Jennifer Dye, Dane County Board of Supervisors

Analiese Eicher, Dane County Board of Supervisors

Jill Gaskell, Pecatonica School Board

Molly Grupe, Monona City Council

Sharon Hampson, La Crosse County Board of Supervisors

Kara Hawes, Rock County Board of Supervisors

Bryn Ege Horton, Sun Prairie School Board

Peg Jerome Isola, La Crosse County Board of Supervisors

Kari Ives Chippewa, County Board of Supervisors

Tara Johnson, La Crosse County Board of Supervisors

Katie Kohl, Verona City Council

Mary Kolar, Dane County Board of Supervisors

Emily Kuhn, Middleton City Council, District 4

Allison Leahy, Marathon County Board

Kriss Marion, Lafayette County Board Supervisor

Felesia Martin, Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors

Maureen McCarville, Dane County Board of Supervisors

Jackie Moore, Ashland City Council, School Board

Marcelia Nicholson, Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors

Alexandra Nugent, Town of Sheboygan Board of Supervisors

Carla Quirk, Janesville School board

Melissa Ratcliff, Cottage Grove Village Board

Michele Ritt, Dane County Board of Supervisors

Elizabeth Sumner, Fox Point Village Board

Stephanie Spellman—Winnebago County Board of Supervisors

Wendy Stallings, Sussex Village Board

Sheila Stubbs, Dane County Board of Supervisors

Sequanna Taylor, Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors

Tina Tryggestad, La Crosse County Board of Supervisors

Mary Von Ruden, Monroe County Board of Supervisors

Hayley Young, Dane County Board of Supervisors