2018 Candidates

2018 Emerge Candidates

807 women as of September 2018

393 running for the state legislature, statewide office, or U.S. Congress

*Asterisk indicates that the candidate is an Emerge Boot Camp Alumna


Arizona (42)

Deedra Abboud—US Senate

Jennifer Adams—Tempe City Council

Natali Bock — State Senate, District 8

January Contreras—Attorney General

Hazel Chandler — State House, District 20

Jo Craycraft—State Senate, District 1

Andrea Dalessandro—State Senate, District 2

Elora Diaz — Phoenix Elementary School District #1, Governing Board

Jennifer Duff—Mesa City Council

Kristin Dybvig-Pawelko—State Senate, District 15*

Felicia French—State House, District 6

Katherine Gipson-McLean — Phoenix Union High School District Governing Board Ward 3

Sharon Girard—State Senate, District 8

Joan Greene—US Congress, AZ-5

Valerie Harris—State House, District 22

Alexis Hermosillo — Mayor of El Mirage

Katie Hobbs—Secretary of State

Karyn Lathan—Constable, Maricopa County- University Lakes

Nikki Lee—State House, District 10

Denise Link—State House, District 24

Jennifer Longdon—State House, District 24

Lindsay Love—Chandler Unified School District, #80 Governing Board



Hollace Lyon—State House, District 11

Tonya MacBeth — State House, District 15

Jan Manolis — State House, District 1

Christine Marsh—State Senate, District 28

Denita Manning — Youngtown Town Council

Kathy Mohr-Almeida—State Senate, District 25

Lora Nastase — Sahuarita Town Council

Laura Pastor—Phoenix School Board

Stephanie Parra — Phoenix Union Governing Board, Ward 3

Jennifer Pawlik—State House, District 17

Katie Paetz — Osborn #8 Governing Board

Pamela Powers-Hannley—State House, District 9

Naketa Ross —Phoenix Union Governing Board, Ward 1

Athena Salman—State House, District 26

Jennifer Samuels – State House, District 15

Teri Sarmiento—State House, District 22

Elaissia Sears—Justice of the Peace, Maricopa County- West Mesa

Kiana Sears—Corporation Commission

Hiral Tipirneni—US Congress, AZ–8

Betty Villegas—State Senate, District 3

Rebecca Wininger — Justice of the Peace, Maricopa County- Encanto

Arkansas (2)

California (98)

Stacey Ashlund—Palo Alto School Board

Rebecca Bauer-Kahan—State Assembly, District 16

London Breed—Mayor of San Francisco

Lorrie Brown—Ventura City Council, District 6

Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis—Canoga Park Neighborhood Council* 

Tonya Burke—Perris City Council

Kim Carr—Huntington Beach City Council

Julie Caskey—Piedmont School Board

Monica Chinchilla—SFUSD School Board*

Malia Cohen—State Board of Equalization

Diana Conti—Marin Community College, Board of Trustees

Alison Collins—SFUSD School Board*

Alison Cormack—Palo Alto City Council

Ana Cubas—Los Angeles City Council*

Lorien Cunningham—Governing Board Member, Cupertino Union School District

Marlys Davidson—Los Alamitos School Board*

Brigitte Davila—City College of San Francisco, Board of Trustees

Denise Davis—Redlands City Council

Dana Dean—Solano County Board of Education

Lori Droste—Berkeley City Council, District 8

Lisette Estrella-Henderson—Solano County Superintendent

Alida Fisher—SFUSD School Board

Denise Fleming—Mayor of Moreno Valley

Neysa Fligor—Los Altos City Council

Susan Funk—Atascadero City Council

Angel Ann Flores—School Board, Stockton Unified

Shanta Franco-Clausen—Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority, District 5

Christina Gagnier—Board Member, Chino Valley Unified School District

Regina Gage—Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare District Board of Directors, Zone 1

Holly Hancock—Judge of the Superior Court, Los Angeles County*

Heidi Harmon—Mayor of San Louis Obispo

Heidi Hernandez Gatty—Walnut Creek School District

Hilary Hodge—Grass Valley City Council

Genoveva Islas—Fresno City Council, District 7

Nicole Jones—Southwestern College Board, Seat 4

Myel Jenkins—San Juan Unified School District Board

Nicole J. Jones—Compton Community College District, Area 2

Ellen Kamei—Mountain View City Council At Large

Farrah Khan—Irvine City Council

Cherise Khaund—MDUSD School Board At Large

Kirsten Keith—Menlo Park City Council

Rashi Kesarwani—Berkeley City Council, District 1

Teddy King—Piedmont City Council

Cynthia Koehler—Marin Municipal Water District Board

Eleni Kounalakis—Lieutenant Governor*

Debbie Klein Lopez—Agoura City Council

Mary Kay Lacey—Berkeley City Council, District 8

Sara Lamnin—Hayward City Council

Lex Leifheit—SFUSD School Board

Tamika L’Ecluse—Sacramento City Council, District 5

Arlis Reynolds—Costa Mesa City Council, District 5

Virginia Madueno—US Congress, CA–10*

Andrea Marr—Costa Mesa City Council

Frances Marquez—City of Cypress Council*

Consuelo Martinez—Escondido City Council – District 1

Anne McKereghan—Alameda Unified School District Board of Governors, Trustee

Natasha Middleton—Oakland City Council, District 6

Amy Miller—Dublin School Board of Trustees

Anna Molander—Sacramento City Unified School District Trustee, Area 1

Courtney Monk—Los Gatos Union School Board

Jodi Muirhead—Santa Clara Unified School District, Area 2

Patricia Munro—Livermore City Council

Melanie Nutter—BART Board, District 8

Maxine Oliver-Benson—San Leandro City Council, District 5

April Oquenda—Hayward School Board

Doriss Panduro—Fairfield City Council

Rochelle Pardue-Okimoto—State Assembly, District 15

Michelle Parker—SFUSD School Board

Uzuri Pease-Greene—San Francisco City Supervisor, District 10

Annalisa Perea—State Center Community College District Trustee, Area 5

Anna Pletcher—Marin County District Attorney

Ashley Powell—Santa Monica City Council*

Patricia Ramos-Anderson—Merced County Board of Supervisors, District 5

Kristin Rivers—East Side Union School District Board

Heidi Sanborn—Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Ward 7*

Mia Satya—SFUSD School Board

Libby Schaaf—Mayor of Oakland

Margo Schueler—Berkeley City Council, District 1

Shelly Scott—Marin County Assessor/Recorder/Clerk

Susannah Sallin—Sequoia Healthcare District Board

Thea Selby—City College of San Francisco, Board of Trustees

Tracie Stafford—Mayor of Elk Grove

Jennifer Stark—Claremont City Council*

Erica Stewart—San Luis Obispo City Council

Jackie Smith—State Assembly, District 6

Tara Sreekrishnan—Cupertino City Council

Van Lan Truong—Milpitas City Council at Large

Catherine Stefani—San Francisco City Supervisor, District 2

Aisha Wahab—Hayward City Council

Rachelanne Vander Werf—American River Flood Control Board

Kate Wanamaker—Nevada County Board of Education

Lori Wilson—Mayor of Suisun City

Mya Whitaker—Oakland City Council, District 6

Dionne Ybarra—Mayor of Pacific Grove

Jenny Wong—Berkeley City Auditor*

Sabina Zafar—San Ramon City Council

Linda Zamora—Orange County Water District, Division 1

Josephine Zhao—SFUSD School Board

Delaware (1)

Anna Bloomer—New Castle County School Board*


District of Columbia (1)

Charlotte Nugent—Advisory Neighborhood Commission, 4C01

Guam (1)

Lou Leon Guerrero—Governor*

Illinois (1)

Sharon Fairley—Attorney General*

Iowa (1)

Ann Fields—State House, District 28

Kentucky (59)

Abbie Barnes—State House, District 4

Dana Beasley Brown—City Commission, Bowling Green

Karen Berg—State Senate, District 26

Tina Bojanowski—State House, District 32

Josephine Buckner—Metro Council, District 3, Jefferson County

McKenzie Cantrell—State House, District 38

Chrysanthia Carr-Seals—Fayette County Magistrate

Crystal Chappell — State Senate, District 6

Beverly Chester-Burton—Mayor of Shively

Tabatha Clemons—County Clerk, Grant County

Loretta Crady—Circuit Court Clerk, Hardin County

Tracy Davis—Jefferson County District Court Judge

Elizabeth Davis – Montgomery County School Board

Anne Delahanty—District Court Judge, Jefferson County

Chris Dennis Meyers—Cold Springs City Council

Deborah Donnelly—County Clerk, Hardin County

Velvet Dowdy—Henderson County Commission

LaToya Drake—State House, District 23

Carolyn Dupont—State Senate, District 22

Morgan Eaves—State House, District 81

Stefanie Ebbens Kingsley—State House, District 82

Martha Emmons—State House, District 3

Angela Evans— City Council, Lexington, District 6

Karen Faulkner—Jefferson County District Court Judge, Div 9

Beth Fiss—Circuit Court Clerk, Simpson County

Rachel Foster—Daviess County Property Valuation Administrator

Nicole George—Louisville Metro Council, District 21

Charlotte Goddard—State House, District 2

Joy Gray—State House, District 7

Denise Gray—State Senate, District 28

Wanda Hammons—Grant County Magistrate

Vonnie Hays-Adams—Magistrate, District 4, Calloway County

Rene Heinrich—Highland Heights City Council

Tanisha Hickerson—District Court Judge, Jefferson County, Div 9

Sarah Stewart Holland—Paducah City Commission

Lisa Johnson—Mayor of Versailles

Nima Kulkarni—State House, District 40

Donielle Lovell—State House, District 18

Cole Adams Maier—Clark County District Court Judge

Patti Minter—State House, District 20

Jessica Moore—District Court Judge, Jefferson County, Div 11

Heather Moore—Boyd County Commission

Shambra Mulder—Fayette County School Board

Ashley May Nash—State House, District 33

Terry Owens—Radcliff City Council

Kathy Plomin—Lexington City Council, Fayette County, District 12

Lynn Pryor—Commonwealth’s Attorney

Josie Raymond—State House, District 31

Attica Scott—State House, District 41

Liz Sheehan—Lexington City Council, Fayette County, District 5

Jeanie Smith—State Senate, District 32

Maria Sorolis—State House, District 48

Julia Springsteen—Elizabethtown City Council

Pamela Stevenson—State House, District 43

Julie Tennyson—State Senate, District 2

Kathryn Thomas—Barren County Attorney

Allee Combs Whicker— Madison County Circuit Court Clerk

Kelly Whitaker—Graves County School Board

Michelle Williams—Covington City Commission

Louisiana (8)


Maine (49)

Sue Mackey Andrews—State Senate, District 4

Shenna Bellows—State Senate, District 14

Kylie Bragdon—State House, District 136

Heidi Brooks—State House, District 61

Jennie Butler—State House, District 25

Anne Carney—State House, District 30

Kristen Cloutier—State House, District 60

Doretta Colburn—State House, District 71

Matthea Daughtry—State House, District 49

Sarah DeCato—School Board, Bethel

Diane Denk—State House, District 9

Donna Dion—Governor

Janice Dodge—State House, District 97

Jessica Fay—State House, District 66

Laura Fortman—State Senate, District 13

Lois Galgay Reckitt—State House, District 31

Moriah Geer—Old Town School Board

Sara Gideon—State House, District 48

Lori Gramlich—State House, District 13

Kimberly Hammill—State House, District 102

Lisa Hanscom – State House, District 139

Allison Hepler—State House, District 53

Erin Herbig—State Senate, District 11

Caitlin Hills—State House, District 97





Natasha Irving—District Attorney, Maine Prosecutorial District 6

Karen Kusiak—State Senate, District 16

Mary Ann Lynch—State House, District 30

Maeghan Maloney—District Attorney, Kennebec and Somerset Counties

Rachel Maloney Hawkins—School Board, RSU 21

Chloe Maxmin — State House, District 88

Jay McCreight—State House, District 51

Victoria Morales—State House, District 33

Isabel Mullin—Westbrook City Council

Sarah Nichols—Bangor City Council

Maura Pillsbury—RSU 5 School Board

Kim Rich—Portland Water Board

Kimberlyann Richards—State House, District 2

Christina Riley—State House, District 74

Diane Russell—Governor

Heather Sanborn—State Senate, District 28

Bettyann Sheats—State House, District 64

Frayla Tarpinian—District Attorney, Cumberland County

Denise Tepler—State House, District 54

Maureen Terry—State House, District 26

April Turner—State House, District 99

Sarah Ward—Sagadahoc County Treasurer

Charlotte Warren—State House, District 84

Lynne Williams—Probate Judge

Shelby Wright—Hampden Town Council

Maryland (59)

AnnMarie Abell—St. Mary’s County Commissioner*

Angela Angel—State Senate, District 25

Luisa Arevalo—Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee

Marilyn Balcombe—Montgomery County Council, At Large*

Quincy Bareebe—Anne Arundel County Democratic Central Committee

Paris Bienert—Baltimore City Democratic Central Committee

Shruti Bhatnagar—Montgomery County Council at Large*

Walakewon Blegay—House of Delegates, District 25

Lorig Charkoudian—House of Delegates, District 20

Charlotte Crutchfield—House of Delegates, District 19

Judy Davis—Worcester County Democratic Central Committee

Lenora Dawson—Baltimore Clerk of Court

Candace Dodson Reed—Howard County Democratic Central Committee

Sarah Elfreth—State Senate, District 30

Maureen Evans Arthurs—Howard County Democratic Central Committee

Pamela Faulkner—Washington Democratic Central Committee*

Wanika Fisher—House of Delegates, District 47

Jessica Fitzwater—Frederick County Council, District 4

Kristen Franklin—Democratic Central Committee, Legislative District 47A

Michelle García—Democratic Central Committee, Legislative District 21

Dr. Nadia Hashimi—US Congress MD-6*

Mimi Hassanein—Democratic Central Committee, Legislative District 14

Laura Henderson—Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee

Katie Hester—State Senate, District 9*

Lois Jarman—House of Delegates, District 4

Susan Jessee—Frederick County Council

Deb Jung—Anne Arundel County Council

Rose Krasnow—Montgomery County Executive*









Anne Colt Leitess—State’s Attorney, Anne Arundel County

Robbyn Lewis—House of Delegates, District 46

Brooke Lierman—House of Delegates, District 46

Lesley Lopez—House of Delegates, District 39

Sara Love—House of Delegates, District 16

Pamela Luby—House of Delegates, District 33

Ellie Mitchell—Democratic Central Committee, Baltimore City

Julia Nichols—House of Delegates, District 29C*

Elizabeth Paul—Washington County Commissioner

Allison Pickard—Anne Arundel County Council

Marylin Pierre—Judge-Montgomery County Circuit Court

Phylicia Porter—Baltimore City Democratic Central Committee

Tricia Powell—Calvert County Commissioner, District 1

Lily Qi—House of Delegates, District 15

Pamela Queen—House of Delegates, District 14

Christiana Rigby—Howard County Council, District 3

Debbie Ritchie—Anne Arundel County Council, District 3

Lisa Brannigan Rodvien—Anne Arundel County Council

Sheila Ruth—Baltimore County Council*

Makeda Scott—Baltimore County School Board

Kathleen Seifert—Charles County Democratic Central Committee

Stephanie Smith—House of Delegates, District 45

Tré Steger-Smith—Judge of the Orphans Court*

Theresa Stegman—Democratic Central Committee, District 40

Dea Thomas—House of Delegates, District 46

Jheanelle Wilkins—House of Delegates, District 20

Nicole Williams—House of Delegates, District 22

Sarah Wolek—Democratic Central Committee, District 16*

Jamila Woods—State Senate, District 26

Brenda Wolff—Montgomery County Board of Education, District 5*

Karen Yoho—Frederick County Board of Education, At Large

Massachusetts (50)

Gerly Adrien—State Representative, 28th Middlesex

Christine Barber—State Representative, 34th Middlesex

Suezanne Patrice Bruce—State Representative, 9th Suffolk

Megan Buhr—Hingham Housing Authority

Mary Chaffee—Brewster Selectboard

Sue Chalifoux-Zephir—State Senate, Worcester and Middlesex

Chris Chanyasulkit—Town Meeting, Brookline

Michelle Ciccolo—State Representative, 15th Middlesex

Claire Cronin—State Representative, 11th Plymouth

Diana DiZoglio—State Senate, 1st Essex

Eileen Duff—Governor’s Council, 5th District

Christina Eckert—State Representative, 2nd Essex

Emily Farrer—State Representative, 3rd Bristol

Margot Fleischman—Selectman, Bedford

Katie Forde—Suffolk County Register of Deeds

Tami Gouviea—State Representative, 14th Middlesex

Allison Gustavason—State Representative, 4th Essex

Sam Hammar—State Senate, 5th Middlesex

Andrea Harrington—Berkshire County District Attorney

Sabrina Heisey—State Representative, 36th Middlesex

Natalie Higgins—State Representative, 4th Worcester*

Dovie King—Town Committee, Belmont

Anne Landry—State Representative, 30th








Lori Lennon—State Representative, 23rd Middlesex

Juana Matias—US Congress, MA-3

Katie McBrine— State Senate, Plymouth and Norfolk

Marie McCourt—State Representative, 2nd Hampshire

Puja Mehta—Town Meeting, Brookline

Alice Merkl—Register of Deeds, Essex-Southern District

Liz Miranda—State Representative, 5th Suffolk

Tanya Neslusan—State Representative, 1st Hampden

Tram Nguyen—State Representative, 18th Essex

Charlotte Nugent—Town Meeting, ANC (in DC)

Mary Olberding—Hampshire Register of Deeds

Donna Patalano—Middlesex District Attorney

Lesley Phillips—State Representative, 25th Middlesex*

Becca Rausch—State Senate, Norfolk, Bristol, and Middlesex

Sara-Lynn Reynolds—State Representative, 2nd Bristol*

Maria Robinson—State Representative, 6th Middlesex

Rachael Rollins—Suffolk District Attorney

Deb Rudolf—State Senate, Plymouth and Barnstable

Erin Semcken—Town Meeting, Plymouth

Mary Ann Stewart—State Representative, 15th Middlesex

Rebecca Stone—State Representative, 15th Norfolk

Jean Strauss — State Representative, 5th Worcester

Katie Toomey—Register of Deeds, Worcester County

Judith Underwood—Water Commission, Harwich

Gretchen VanNess—State Representative, 14th Suffolk

Francia Wisnewski—State Representative, 1st Franklin

Brianna Wu—US Congress, MA-8*

Nevada (34)

Patricia Ackerman—State Assembly, District 39

Shea Backus—State Assembly, District 37

Shannon Bibray-Axelrod—State Assembly, District 34

Wendy Boszak — State Senate, District 14

Catherine Byrne—State Controller

Jo Cato—University Regent, District 1

Linda Cavazos—CCSD Board of Trustees, District G

Lesley Cohen—State Assembly, District 29

Eileen Eady—CCSD Board of Trustees, District F

Michelle Gorelow—State Assembly, District 35

Lynn Goya — Clark County Clerk

Tina Davis -Hersey—State Senate, District 16

Brianna Johnson—Clark County Assessor

Tierra Jones—District Judge, Department 10

Kitty Jung — Washoe County Commission 3







Kathleen Lauckner—State Assembly, District 42

Anat Levy — State Assembly, District 12

Susie Martinez—State Assembly, District 12

Kali Fox Miller—CCSD Board of Trustees, District F

Daniele Monroe-Moreno—State Assembly, District 1

Cindy Moore — State Assembly, District 12

Connie Munk — State Assembly District 4

Julie Pazina—State Senate, District 20

Paula Povilaitis—State Assembly, District 32

Sandra Ramaker — Mesquite City Council, District 1

Julia Ratti — State Senate, District 13

Lesia Romanov—State Assembly, District 36

Melanie Scheible — State Senate, District 9

Jennie Sherwood— State Assembly, District 2

Ellen Spiegel—State Assembly, District 20

Allison Stephens—US Congress, NV-4

Shondra Summers-Armstrong—Las Vegas City Council, Ward 5

Selena Torres—State Assembly, District 3

Kristee Watson—State Assembly, District 22

New Jersey (8)

Marlene Baldinger—Lebanon Township Mayor

Nicole Gillespie—Moorestown Council

Catherine Gural—Montgomery Township Council

Alexandra Harwin—Ridgewood Council

Mecca Keyes—Newark Council





Michelle Lambros—Princeton Council

Tricia Maguire—Middletown Council

Kate Matteson—Sparta Township BOE

Lauren McCaskill—Long Branch BOE

Ariagna Perello—Newark Council

Britnee Timberlake—State Assembly, District 34

Katilia Velez—Newark Council

New Mexico (52)

Linda Alvarez—Mayor of Hatch

Christina Argyres—Judge, 2nd Judicial district, Div X, Bernalillo County

Deborah Armstrong—State House, District 17

Jennifer Attrep—Judge of the Court of Appeals, Position 5

Karen Bash—State House, District 68

Kristina Bogardus—Judge of the Court of Appeals, Position 1

Katherine Bruch—Sandoval County Commission*

Micaela Cadena—State House, District 33

Guadalupe Cano—Silver City Town Council, District 4

Cristy Carbon-Gaul— Probate Court Judge, Bernalillo County

Christine Chandler—State House, District 43*

Rosemary Cosgrove-Aguilar—Metropolitan Court Judge, Bernalillo County

Megan Duffy—Judge of the Court of Appeals, Position 4

Marg Elliston—Chair of Democratic Party of New Mexico

Joanne Ferrary—State House, District 37

Natalie Figueroa—State House, District 30

Linda Gallegos—Sandoval County Assessor*

Joy Garratt—State House, District 29

Paula Garcia—State House, District 40

Stephanie Garcia Richard—Commissioner of Public Lands

Debra Haaland—US Congress, NM-1

Billie Helean—State House, District 57

Madeline Hildebrandt—US Congress, NM-2

Day Hochman-Vigil—State House, District 15




Mary Jo Jaramillo—State House, District 8

Alexis Jimenez—State House, District 60

Doreen Wonda Johnson—State House, District 5

Jane Levy—Judge, District XXV, Bernalillo County

Georgene Louis—State House, District 26

Jacqueline Medina—Judge of the Court of Appeals, Position 2

Willow Misty Parks— Probate Court Judge, Bernalillo County

Kate Noble—Mayor of Santa Fe

Cindy Provencio—Grant County Commissioner, District 2

Charlene Pyskoty—Bernalillo County Commission, District 5

Antoinette Reyes—Dona Ana County Commissioner, District 1

Andrea Romero — State House, District 46

Patricia Roybal Caballero—State House, District 13

Angelica Rubio—State House, District 35

Maria Sanchez-Gagne—District Court Judge, 1st Judicial District Court

Debbie Sariñana—State House, District 21

Mary Schlidmeyer—State House, District 3* 

Sara Scott—Los Alamos County Council, Position 1*

Melanie Stansbury—State House, District 28

Liz Thomson—State House, District 24

Xochitl Torres Small—US Congress, NM-2*

Karen Trujillo—Dona Ana Commissioner

Linda Trujillo—State House, District 48

Jessica Velasquez—State House, District 22*

Glenna Voigt—PEC Rep, District 3

Courtney Weaks— Metropolitan Court Judge, Bernalillo County

Karen Whitlock— State House, District 38

Janene Yazzie — PRC Rep, District 4

North Carolina (1)

Kristen Powers—Alamance County Commissioner*

Oregon (42)

Olivia Alcaire – Hillsboro City Council

Teresa Alonso Leon—State House, District 22

Lacey Beaty—Beaverton City Council

Heather Buch—Lane County Commissioner*

Shannon Cockayne—Independence City Council

Shirley Craddick—Metro Council, District 1

Shelaswau CrierMarion County Commissioner

Kimberly Culbertson—Washington County Commission

Joelle Davis—State Senate, District 19

Julia DeGraw—Portland City Council*

Shemia Fagan—State Senate, District 24

Julie Fahey—State House, District 14

Sonya Fischer—Clackamas County Commission

Athena Goldberg—State Senate, District 3

Tonya Graham—Ashland City Council

CM Hall—Newport City Council

Kathryn Harrington—Washington County Commission

Paige Hook—Stayton City Council

Val Hoyle—Bureau of Labor and Industries

Susheela Jayapal—Multnomah County Commissioner, District 2












Alissa Keny-Guyer—State House, District 46

Kimberly Koops-Wrabek—State House, District 11

Jacqueline Leung – Salem City Council

Christine Lewis – Metro Regional Government Council, District 2

Ann Lininger—Clackamas County Circuit Court Judge

Darcy Long-Curtiss—State House, District 59

Amy LowesDeschutes County Commissioner

Sheri Malstrom—State House, District 27

Kelsie McDaniel—Union County District Attorney

Jennifer McGuirk—Multnomah County Auditor*

Jamie McLeod-Skinner—US Congress, OR-2

Beach Pace—Hillsboro City Council

Karin Power—State House, District 41

Terri Preeg Riggsby–West Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District

Rachel Prusak—State House, District 37*

Karen Reynolds—Forest Grove City Council

Andrea Salinas—State House, District 38

Andrea Valderrama—Portland City Council

Jules Walters—West Linn City Council* 

Pamela White—Clackamas County Clerk

Jennifer Williamson—State House, District 36

Daphne Wysham—State Senate, District 19*

Rhode Island (1)

Moira Walsh—State House, District 3


Tennessee (35)

Amy Alford—Sevier County Commission

Hana Ali—State House, District 45*

Jaimie Ballinger – State Senate, District 7

Terry Jo Bichell – Tennessee State Executive Committee, District 34

Lori Clemmons—Williamson County Commission, District 2

Racquel Collins—Shelby County Commission, District 1

Lesley Couch— Williamson County Commission, District 11*

Erin Curry—Giles County Commission, District 1

Rosabelle Gorman — Hamilton County Commission, District 3

Deborah Harley-McClaskey — Tennessee State Executive Committee, District 3

Katharine Heriges—Davidson County Executive Commission, District 2

Deborah Holbrook—Cumberland County Commission

Tara Houston—Davidson County Executive Commission, District 7

Renee Hoyos—US Congress, TN-2*

Amber Huett-Garcia—State House, District 86

Miracle Hurley—Hamilton County School Board, District 3






Martesha Johnson—Nashville Public Defender

Jodi Jones—Washington County Commission, District 11

JoAnn Latz—Montgomery County Commission, District 3*

London Lamar—State House, District 91

Rachel Mackey—State House, District 44*

Sara Melamed—Williamson County Commission, District 7*

Amanda Moore—Murfreesboro School Board At-Large*

Kelly Northcutt—State Senate, District 13*

Mariah Phillips—US Congress, TN-4

Rebecca Purington—State House, District 61*

Anne Ferrell Quillen—State House, District 25

Katrina Robinson—State Senate, District 33

Adrienne Pakis-Gillon—Shelby County Register of Deeds

Evetty Satterfield—Knox County School Board

Danielle Schonbaum — State House, District 83

Kate Trudell—State House, District 16

Jennifer Vanoy—State House, District 34*

Jolie-Grace Wareham — Tennessee State Executive Committee

Civil Miller Watkins — Fayette County School Board District 2

Texas (2)

Shannon Baldwin—Harris County Criminal Court Judge*

Lorena Perez McGill—State House, District 15*

Vermont (37)

Sarita Austin—State House, Chittenden 9-2

Becca Balint—State Senate, Windham

Jana Brown—Richmond Library Trustee

Jessica Brumsted—State House, Chittenden

Valerie Carzello—State Senate, Chittenden

Sara Coffey — State House, Windham -1

Mari Cordes—State House, Addison-4

Melody DeFlorio—Orange Southwest School Board

Kari Dolan—State House, Washington*

Charen Fegard—State House, Franklin-5*

Sarah George—Chittenden County State’s Attorney

Liz Gamache—Mayor, City of St. Albans

Martine Gulick—School Board, Burlington

Christine Hallquist—Governor of Vermont*

Ruth Hardy—State Senate, Addison County

Ashley Hill — Montpelier City Council President, District 3

Debbie Ingram—State Senate, Chittenden

Kathleen James— State House, Bennington-4

Cindy Jerome—Dummerston School & Town Moderator, State House, Windham-4




Diane Kirson-Glitman—Mt. Mansfield Union St School Board

Emilie Kornheiser—State House, Brattleboro-1

Kate Larose—State House, Franklin 3-1*

Nicole Mace—Winooski City Council

Pam McCarthy — State Senate, Franklin

Madeline Motta—Assistant Judge for Lamoille County

Morgan Nichols—Stowe Selectboard

Ebony Nyoni—Winooski City Council

Carol Ode—State House, Chittenden 6-1

Gina Ottoboni—State House, Rutland-Windsor-1

Julie Raboin—Newport City Council

Marybeth Redmond—State House, Chittenden 8-1*

Heidi Remick—Weathersfield School Board

Korrine Rodrigue — Rutland Town School Board

Leah Romano—Norwich Selectboard

Brenda Siegel—Governor of Vermont*

Anne Watson—Mayor of Montpelier*

Rebecca White — State House, Windsor 4-2

Laura Williams—South Burlington School Board


Wisconsin (75)

Jen Adamski-Torres—Racine City Council

Julie Allen—Lincoln County Board of Supervisors

Carousel Andrea Bayrd—Dane County Board of Supervisors

Carol Beals—Grant County Board of Supervisors

Jill Billings—State Assembly, District 95

Leah Blough—Kenosha County Board

Tanya Buckingham—Dane County Board of Supervisors

Nanette Bulebosh—State Assembly, District 27

Kim Butler—State Assembly, District 28*

Marisabel Cabrera—State Assembly, District 9

Jessica Carpenter—Shorewood Village Board

Lillian Cheesman — State Assembly, District 15

Rebecca Clarke—State Assembly, District 26

Kate Cronin—Verona City Council

Kelly Danner—Dane County Board of Supervisors, District 11

Nikiya Dodd—Milwaukee City Council, District 5

Heather Driscoll—Dane County Board of Supervisors

Jennifer Dye—Dane County Board of Supervisors

McKenzie Edmonds—Shorewood Village Board

Analiese Eicher—Dane County Board of Supervisors

Margaret Engebretson—US Congress, WI-7

Erica Flynn—State Assembly, District 84

Frankie Fuller—Jefferson County Board of Supervisors, District 20

Jackie Gackstatter—Rock County Clerk of Courts

Jill Gaskell — Pecatonica School Board

Sarah Godlewski — State Treasurer

Molly Grupe—Monona City Council

Sharon Hampson—La Crosse County Board of Supervisors

Kara Hawes—Rock County Board of Supervisors

Lori Hawkins — State Senate, District 21*

Diane Hesselbein—State Assembly, District 79

Julie Henszey — State Senate, District 5

Bryn Ege Horton—Sun Prairie School Board

Peg Jerome Isola—La Crosse County Board of Supervisors

Kari Ives—Chippewa County Board of Supervisors

Jennifer Jackson—Grant County Board of Supervisors

Tara Johnson—La Crosse County Board of Supervisors

Katie Kohl—Verona City Council





Mary Kolar—Dane County Board of Supervisors

Emily Kuhn — Middleton City Council, District 4

Diana Lawrence — State Assembly, District 56

Alyson Leahy— Marathon County Board, State Assembly, District 85

Kriss Marion—Lafayette County Board Supervisor, State Senate, District 17

Arvina Martin — Secretary of State

Felesia Martin—Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors

Maureen McCarville—Dane County Board of Supervisors

Jackie Moore—Ashland City Council, School Board

LaKeshia Myers—State Assembly, District 12

Marcelia Nicholson—Milwaukee County Board

Alexandra Nugent—Town of Sheboygan Board of Supervisors

Carla Quirk—Janesville School Board

Christine Rahlf—State Assembly, District 60

Melissa Ratcliff—Cottage Grove Village Board

Elizabeth Riley—State Assembly, District 87

Khrys Riley—Wood County Board of Supervisors

Michele Ritt—Dane County Board of Supervisors

Esther Roberts—Village of Somers Board

Melissa Sargent—State Assembly, District 48

Elisha Santiago-Barudin — State Assembly, District 39

Leah Schrieber Johnson—Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District School Board

Emily Siegrist — State Assembly, District 24

Stephanie Spellman—Winnebago County Board of Supervisors

Nancy Stencil—Marathon County Board of Supervisors, State Assembly, District 86

Wendy Stallings — Sussex Village Board

Shelia Stubbs—Dane County Board of Supervisors, State Assembly, District 77

Lisa Subeck—State Assembly, District 78

Elizabeth Sumner—State Assembly, District 23, Fox Point Village Board

Sequanna Taylor—Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors

Tracy Thompson—Rock County Board of Supervisors

Tina Tryggestad—La Crosse County Board of Supervisors

Mary Von Ruden—Monroe County Board of Supervisors, Sparta City Council

Gina Walkington — State Assembly, District 61*

Danielle McClendon Williams—State Assembly, District 16

Hayley Young—Dane County Board of Supervisors

JoCasta Zamarripa—State Assembly, District 8