2019 Candidates

198 Candidates

As of March 2019



Marche Johnson — Montgomery City Council, District 3



Nikki Lee — Tucson City Council

Joanna Mendoza — Red Rock School Board



Ana Cubas — Los Angeles Unified School District Board

Erin Edwards — Riverside City Council, Ward 1

Gina Fischer — Santa Barbara City Council, District 6

Suzy Loftus — San Francisco County District Attorney

Nancy Tung — San Francisco County District Attorney


State Legislature

Meg Froelich — State House, District 3


Candi CdeBaca — Denver City Council, District 9

Alison Coombs — Aurora City Council, Ward 5

Kyra Degruy — Lakewood City Council, Ward 1

Michele Fry — Denver City Council, District 5

Dana Gutwein — Lakewood City Council, Ward 5

Sheela Mahnke — Westminster City Council

Julia Marvin — Thornton City Council, Thornton District

LaMone Noles — Denver City Council, District 8

Peg Perl — Denver County Clerk and Recorder

Julie Pignataro — Fort Collins City Council, District 2

Shayla Richard — Denver City Council, District 11

Amanda Sawyer — Denver City Council, Ward 1

Anita Seitz — Westminster City Council

Leanne Wheeler — Aurora City Council, At Large

Colleen Zahradnicek — Denver City Council, District 4



Jacqueline Coleman — Lieutenant Governor

Kelsey Coots — State Auditor

Sheri Donahue — State Auditor



Candy Christophe — U.S. Congress, District 5

State Legislature

Brenda Leroux Babin — State Senate, District 20

Lori Callais — Louisiana State House, District 71

Judy Duhon — State Senate, District 32

Morgan Lamandre — State House, District 66

Mandie Landry — State House, District 91

Cammie Maturin — State House, District 96

Robin Parrott — State House, District 95

Tammy Savoie — State House, District 94

Kea Sherman — State House, District 98

Beverly Brooks Thompson — State Senate, District 16

Daryl Joy Walters — State House, District 3


Muriel Laws — Livingston Parish Council, District 6

LaTanghue Narcisse — St. Martin Parish Council, District 3

Ledricka Thierry — 27th Judicial District Court, Division C

Erica Williams — Lafayette Parish School Board, District 4



Moriah Geer — Old Town School Board

Sarah Nichols — Bangor Mayor

Laurie Osher — Orono Town Council

Maura Pillsbury — RSU 5 School Board



Maya Jamaleddine — Melrose Alder



Natalie Price — Berkley City Council, At Large



Melissa Clary —Las Vegas City Council, Ward 3

New Jersey


Michelle Pirone Lambros — Princeton Council



Jennifer Brownlee — Happy Valley City Council

Kristin Corneulle — Multnomah Education Service District Board of Directors

Michelle DePass — Portland Public School Board, Zone 2

See Eun Kim — Hillsboro School Board

Lisa Fragala — Lane Community College Board, At Large

Kathleen George — Tribal Council Representative, Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde

Courtney Helstein — Mt. Hood Community College Board, Zone 6

Chelsea Martin — West Linn-Wilsonville School Board, At Large

Carina Miller — Tribal Council Representative, Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs

Tya Ping — Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District, At Large

Mary Walston — Eugene 4J School Board


State Legislature

Movita Johnson-Harrell — State House, District 190


Kristian Ballerini — Bucks County Treasurer

Ethelind Baylor — Philadelphia City Council, At Large

Katie Blume — Millheim Borough Council

Valerie Fleisher — Mt. Lebanon School Board, At Large

Alicia Gasparovic — Langhorne Manor Borough Council

Barbarann Keffer — Upper Darby Mayor

Christal Lepak — Erie City Council

Lydia Laythe — Washington Township Council

Judy Moore — Philadelphia City Council, District 10

Deanna Philpott — North Hills School Board

Christine Reuther — Delaware County Council, At Large

Melissa Robbins — Philadelphia City Council, At Large

Jessica Rothchild — Scranton City Council

Elaine Schaefer — Delaware County Council, At Large

Nicola Serianni — Court of Common Pleas Judge

Monia Taylor — Delaware County Council

Sandra Thompson — York County Court of Common Pleas

Paige Van Wirt — Bethlehem City Council, At Large

South Carolina

State Legislature

Tina Belge — State Senate, District 6


Dorothy Dowe — Greenville City Council, At Large

Shaterica Neal — Gray Court Town Council, At Large

Ashley Peele — North Charleston Mayor



Joy Styles — Metro Nashville City Council, District 32

Zulfat Suara — Metro Nashville City Council, At Large

Kyonzte Toombs — Metro Nashville City Council, District 2



Gina Ottoboni — Chittenden Selectboard

Elizabeth McLoughlin — Brattleboro Selectboard


State Legislature

Dawn Adams — House of Delegates, District 68

Elizabeth Alcorn — House of Delegates, District 58

Hala Ayala — House of Delegates, District 51

Eileen Bedell — State Senate, District 10

Jennifer Boysko — State Senate, District 22

Sheila Bynum-Coleman — House of Delegates, District 62

Cathy Copeland — House of Delegates, District 26

Karrie Delaney — House of Delegates, District 67

Jessica Foster — House of Delegates, District 88

Jennifer Carroll Foy — House of Delegates, District 2

Laura Galante — House of Delegates, District 18

Wendy Gooditis — House of Delegates, District 10

Nancy Guy — House of Delegates, District 83

Elizabeth Guzman — House of Delegates, District 31

Annette Hyde — State Senate, District 24

Flo Ketner — State Senate, District 19

Amy Laufer — State Senate, District 17

Rebecca Leser — House of Delegates, District 96

Veena Lothe — State Senate, District 12

Karen Mallard — House of Delegates, District 84

Kathleen Murphy — House of Delegates, District 34

Debra Rodman — House of Delegates, District 73

Danica Roem — House of Delegates, District 13

Laura Sellers — State Senate, District 28

Shelly Simonds — House of Delegates, District 94

Mavis Taintor — House of Delegates, District 33

Kathy Tran — House of Delegates, District 42

Lucero Wiley — State Senate, District 13

Jennifer Woofter — House of Delegeates, District 22


Andrea Bailey — Prince Williams Board of Supervisors, Potomac District

Buta Biberaj — Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney

Laura Jane Cohen — Fairfax County School Board, Springfield District

Lorita Copeland-Daniels — Spotsylvania County School Board

Parisa Dehghani-Tafti — Arlington Commonwealth’s Attorney

Laurie Dodd — Hunter Mill Supervisor

Margaret Franklin — Prince William Board of Supervisors

Maggie Hansford — Prince William County Board of Supervisors, Prince William District

Kelly Hebron — Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, Lee District

Larysa Kautz — Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, Lee District

Stacey Kincaid — Fairfax County Sheriff

Melanie Meren — Fairfax County School Board, Hunter Mill District

Crystal Neilson-Hall — Goochland Board of Supervisors, District 1

Abrar Omeish — Fairfax County School Board

Dalia Palchik — Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, Providence District

Stella Pekarsky — Fairfax County School Board, Sully District

Arika Phillips — Chesterfield County School Board, Clover Hill District

Alicia Plerhoples — Fairfax County School Board

Kenya Savage — Loudon County School Board, At Large

Linda Sperling — Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, Springfield District

Tia Walbridge — Loudoun County School Board, Blue Ridge District

Erika Yalowitz — Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, Providence District



Leatta Dalhoff — Tumwater City Council, At Large

Pat Murakami — Seattle City Council, District 3

Emily Myers — Seattle City Council, District 4

Ami Nguyen — Seattle City Council, District 3

Diana Perez — Vancouver City Council

Tabitha Wolf — Spokane City Council, At Large

Lynda Zeman — Lacy City Council


State Legislature

Gina Walkington — State Assembly, District 64


Julie Allen — Town of King Treasurer

Alice Belcher — Brown Deer School Board

Tammy Bockhorst — Shorewood Village Board

Carolyn Clow — McFarland Village Board President

Shyla Deacon — Milwaukee School Board, District 1

Catherine Emmanuelle — Eau Claire City Council

Sarah Gaskell — Verona Alder, District 2

Joyce Hall — Hudson Common Council, District 6

Jenna Jacobson — Oregon Village Board Trustee

Noelle Joers-Yanisch — Greendale School Board

Melissa Lemke — Racine City Council, District 15

Lindsay Lemmer — Madison Common Council, District 3

Jennifer Levie — Racine Common Council, District 5

Emily Lindsey — Sun Prairie Alder, District 1

Abigail Lowery — DeForest Village Trustee

Arvina Martin — Madison Common Council, District 11

Allison Martinson — Madison Common Council, District 19

Lydia Maurer — Madison Common Council, District 12

Barbara McKinney — Madison Common Council, District 1

Diane Odeen — River Falls City Council, At Large

Melissa Ratcliff — Dane County Supervisor, District 36

Esther Roberts — Kenosha County Board, District 15

Kristina Shelton — Green Bay Area Public School Board

Stephanie Spellman — Nennah City Council

Natalia Taft — Racine Common Council, District 13

Sequanna Taylor — Milwaukee School Board, District 3

Anissa Welch — Milton Mayor