2018 General Election Winners

2018 Election Winners

415 Wins



Marshell Jackson Hatcher — Circuit Court Judge, 10th Circuit, Place 8



Katie Hobbs — Secretary of State

State Legislature

Andrea Dalessandro — State Senate, District 2

Jennifer Longdon — State House, District 24

Jennifer Pawlik — State House, District 17

Pamela Powers-Hannley — State House, District 9

Athena Salman — State House, District 26


Elora Diaz — Phoenix Elementary School District #1, Governing Board

Jennifer Duff — Mesa City Council

Alexis Hermosillo — El Mirage Mayor

Karyn Lathan — Constable, Maricopa County- University Lakes

Lindsay Love — Chandler Unified School District, #80

Katie Paetz — Osborn #8 Governing Board

Stephanie Parra — Phoenix Union Governing Board, Ward 3

Naketa Ross — Phoenix Union Governing Board, Ward 1

Elaissia Sears — Justice of the Peace, Maricopa County- West Mesa


State Legislature

Denise Garner — State House, District 84



Malia Cohen — State Board of Equalization

Eleni Kounalakis — Lieutenant Governor

State Legislature

Rebecca Bauer-Kahan — State Assembly, District 16


London Breed — San Francisco Mayor

Lorrie Brown — Ventura City Council, District 6

Kim Carr — Huntington Beach City Council

Alison Collins — SFUSD School Board

Diana Conti — Marin Community College, Board of Trustees

Alison Cormack — Palo Alto City Council

Lorien Cunningham — Governing Board Member, Cupertino Union School District

Marlys Davidson — Los Alamitos School Board

Brigitte Davila — City College of San Francisco, Board of Trustees

Denise Davis — Redlands City Council

Dana Dean — Solano County Board of Education

Lori Droste — Berkeley City Council, District 8

Lisette Estrella-Henderson — Solano County Superintendent of Schools

Victoria Fleming — Santa Rosa City Council

Neysa Fligor — Los Altos City Council

Angel Ann Flores — School Board, Stockton Unified

Shanta Franco-Clausen — Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority, District 5

Susan Funk — Atascadero City Council

Regina Gage — Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare District Board of Directors, Zone 1

Christina Gagnier — Chino Valley Unified School District, Board Member

Heidi Gatty — Walnut Creek School District, Governing Board

Teddy Gray King — Piedmont City Council

Heidi Harmon — San Luis Obispo Mayor

Hilary Hodge — Grass Valley City Council

Veva Islas — Fresno Unified School District Trustee, Area 4

Ellen Kamei — Mountain View City Council At Large

Rashi Kesarwani — Berkeley City Council, District 1

Farrah Khan — Irvine City Council

Cherise Khaund — MDUSD School Board At Large

Debbie Klein Lopez — Agoura City Council

Cynthia Koehler — Marin County Water Board

Sara Lamnin — Hayward City Council

Andrea Marr — Costa Mesa City Council

Consuelo Martinez — Escondido City Council, District 1

Amy Miller — Dublin School Board, Trustee

Courtney Monk — Los Gatos Union School Board

Patricia Munro — Livermore City Council

April Oquenda — Hayward School Board

Annalisa Perea — State Center Community College District Trustee, Area 5

Arlis Reynolds — Costa Mesa City Council

Heidi Sanborn — Sacramento Municipal Utility District Board, Ward 7

Libby Schaaf — Oakland Mayor

Thea Selby — San Francisco City College, Board of Trustees

Jennifer Stark — Claremont City Council

Catherine Stefani — San Francisco City Supervisor, District 2

Erica Stewart — San Luis Obispo City Council

Cecilia Valdez — San Pablo Mayor

Rachelanne Vander Werf — American River Flood Control Board

Aisha Wahab — Hayward City Council

Annette Walker — Hayward Unified School District Board

Kate Wanamaker — Nevada County Board of Education

Lori Wilson — Suisun Mayor

Jenny Wong — Berkeley City Auditor

Jocelyn Yow — Eastvale City Council, District 4

Sabina Zafar — San Ramon City Council


State Legislature

Mary Abrams — State Senate, District 13

Mae Flexer — State Senate, District 29

Anne Hughes — State Representative, District 135

Maria Horn — State Representative, District 64

Kara Rochelle — State Representative, District 104

Christine Palm — State Representative, District 36

Pat Wilson Pheanious — State Representative, District 53



Jena Griswold — Secretary of State

State Legislature

Shannon Bird — State House, District 35

Bri Buentello — State House, District 47

Lisa Cutter — State House, District 25

Jessie Danielson — State Senate, District 20

Monica Duran — State House, District 24

Daneya Esgar — State House, District 46

Serena Gonzalez-Gutierrez — State House, District 4

Leslie Herod — State House, District 8

Dominique Jackson — State House, District 42

Dafna Michaelson-Jenet — State House, District 30

Tammy Story — State Senate, District 16

Brianna Titone — State House, District 27


Shontel Lewis — RTD Board, District B

Joan Lopez — Arapahoe County Clerk

Beth Melton — Routt County Commissioner

Emma Pinter — Adams County Commissioner

District of Columbia


Charlotte Nugent — Advisory Neighborhood Commission, 4C01



Lucy McBath — US Congress, GA-6

State Legislature

Becky Evans — State House, District 83

Shelly Hutchinson — State House, District 107

Jen Jordan – State Senate, District 6

Zahra Karinshak — State Senate, District 48



Lou Leon Guerrero — Governor


State Legislature

Tina Bojanowski — State House, District 32

McKenzie Cantrell — State House, District 38

Nima Kulkarni — State House, District 40

Patti Minter — State House, District 20

Josie Raymond — State House, District 31

Attica Scott — State House, District 41

Maria Sorolis — State House, District 48


Colleen Kelly Abate — Anchorage School Board

Dana Beasley Brown — City Commission, Bowling Green

Chrysanthia Carr-Seals — Fayette County Magistrate

Beverly Chester-Burton — Shively Mayor

Tabatha Clemons — Grant County Clerk

Loretta Crady — Hardin County Circuit Court Clerk

Anne Delahanty — Judge, Jefferson County District Court, Division 13

Deborah Donnelly — Hardin County Clerk

Morgan Eaves — City of Richmond City Commission

Angela Evans — Lexington City Council, District 6

Beth Fiss — Circuit Court Clerk, Simpson County

Rachel Foster — Daviess County Property Valuation Administrator

Nicole George — Jefferson Metro Council

Rene Heinrich — Highland Heights City Council

Tanisha Hickerson — District Court Judge, Jefferson County

Cole Adams Maier — Clark County District Court Judge

Jessica Moore — District Court Judge, Jefferson County, Div 11

Kathy Plomin — Lexington City Council, Fayette County, District 12

Kathryn Thomas — Barren County Attorney

Kelly Whitaker — Graves County School Board

Michelle Williams — Covington City Commission



Chelsey Richard Napoleon — Civil District Court for the Parish of Orleans


State Legislature

Shenna Bellows — State Senate, District 14

Heidi Brooks — State House, District 61

Anne Carney — State House, District 30

Kristen Cloutier — State House, District 60

Matthea Daughtry — State House, District 49

Diane Denk — State House, District 9

Janice Dodge — State House, District 97

Jessica Fay — State House, District 66

Lois Galgay Reckitt — State House, District 31

Sara Gideon — Speaker, State House, District 48

Lori Gramlich — State House, District 13

Erin Herbig — State Senate, District 11

Allison Hepler — State House, District 53

Chloe Maxmin — State House, District 88

Jay McCreight — State House, District 51

Victoria Morales — State House, District 33

Christina Riley — State House, District 74

Heather Sanborn — State Senate, District 28

Bettyann Sheats — State House, District 64

Denise Tepler — State House, District 54

Maureen Terry — State House, District 26

Charlotte Warren — State House, District 84


Veronica Bates — Westbrook School Board

Natasha Irving — District Attorney, Maine Prosecutorial District 6

Maeghan Maloney — District Attorney, Kennebec and Somerset Counties

Sarah Nichols — Bangor City Council

Maura Pillsbury — RSU 5 School Board

Kim Rich — Portland Water Board

Elyse Tipton — South Portland School Board

Sarah Ward — Sagadahoc County Treasurer

Maryann White — Gardiner City Council

Shelby Wright — Hampden Town Council


State Legislature

Lorig Charkoudian — House of Delegates, District 20

Charlotte Crutchfield — House of Delegates, District 19

Sarah Elfreth — State Senate, District 30

Wanika Fisher — House of Delegates, District 47

Katie Hester — State Senate, District 9

Robbyn Lewis — House of Delegates, District 46

Brooke Lierman — House of Delegates, District 46

Lesley Lopez — House of Delegates, District 39

Sara Love — House of Delegates, District 16

Lily Qi — House of Delegates, District 15

Pamela Queen — Maryland House of Delegates, District 14

Stephanie Smith — House of Delegates, District 45

Jheanelle Wilkins — House of Delegates, District 20


Paris Bienert — Baltimore City Democratic Central Committee

Candace Dodson-Reed — Howard County Central Democratic Committee

Maureen Evans Arthurs — Howard County Democratic Central Committee

Pamela Faulkner — Washington County Democratic Central Committee

Jessica Fitzwater — Frederick County Council, District 4

Kristen Franklin — Prince George’s County Democratic Central Committee

Leighann Garcia — Baltimore City Central Committee

Michelle García — Democratic Central Committee, District 21

Mimi Hassanein — Democratic Central Committee, District 14

Laura Henderson — Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee

Deb Jung — Howard County Council, District 4

Anne Colt Leitess — State’s Attorney, Anne Arundel County

Allison Pickard — Anne Arundel County Council

Phylicia Porter — Baltimore City Democratic Central Committee

Christiana Rigby — Howard County Council, District 3

Lisa Brannigan Rodvien — Anne Arundel County Council

Makeda Scott — Baltimore County School Board

Brenda Wolff — Montgomery County Board of Education, District 5

Karen Yoho — Frederick County Board of Education, At Large


State Legislature

Christine Barber — State House, 34th Middlesex District

Michelle Ciccolo — State House, 15th Middlesex

Claire Cronin — State House, 11th Plymouth District

Diana Dizoglio — State Senate, 1st Essex

Tami Gouveia — State House, 14th Middlesex

Natalie Higgins — State House, 4th Worcester District

Cindy King — State House, 1st Middlesex

Liz Miranda— State House, 5th Suffolk

Tram Nguyen — State House, 18th Essex

Becca Rausch — State Senate, Norfolk, Bristol, and Middlesex

Maria Robinson — State House, 6th Middlesex


Megan Buhr — Hingham Housing Authority

Mary Chaffee — Brewster Selectboard

Chris Chanyasulkit — Brookline Town Meeting

Eileen Duff — Governor’s Council, 5th District

Margot Fleischman — Selectman, Bedford

Andrea Harrington — Berkshire County District Attorney

Dovie King — Town Committee, Belmont

Mary Olberding — Hampshire Register of Deeds

Rachael Rollins — Suffolk District Attorney

Katie Toomey — Register of Deeds, Worcester County

Judith Underwood — Water Commission, Harwich


State Legislature

Kyra Harris Bolden — State House, District 35

Mallory McMorrow — State Senate, District 13

Lori Stone — State House, District 28


Denise Forrest — Huron Valley School Board

Gillian Ream Gainsley — YCS School Board

Katie Scott — Washtenaw County Commission, District 9

Sue Shink — Washtenaw County Commission, District 2



Catherine Byrne — State Controller

State Legislature

Shea Backus — State House, District 37

Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod — State House, District 34

Lesley Cohen — State House, District 29

Michelle Gorelow — State House, District 3

Susie Martinez — State House, District 12

Daniele Monroe-Moreno — State House, District 1

Connie Munk — State House, District 4

Julia Ratti — State Senate, District 13

Melanie Scheible — State Senate, District 9

Ellen Spiegel — State House, District 20

Selena Torres — State House, District 3


Linda Cavazos — CCSD Board of Trustees, District G

Lynn Goya — Clark County Clerk

Brianna Johnson — Clark County Assessor

Tierra Jones — District Judge, Department 10

Kitty Jung — Washoe County Commission 3

Sandra Ramaker — Mesquite City Council, Seat 1

New Jersey

State Legislature

Britnee Timberlake — State Assembly, District 34


Nicole Gillespie — Moorestown Council

Catherine Gural — Montgomery Township Council

Kate Matteson — Sparta Township BOE

Lauren McCaskill — Long Branch BOE

New Mexico


Debra Haaland — US Congress, NM-1

Xochitl Torres Small — US Congress, NM-2


Stephanie Garcia Richard — Commissioner of Public Lands

State Legislature

Deborah Armstrong — State House, District 17

Karen Bash — State House, District 68

Micaela Cadena — State House, District 33

Christine Chandler — State House, District 43

Joanne Ferrary — State House, District 37

Natalie Figueroa — State House, District 30

Joy Garratt — State House, District 29

Day Hochman-Vigil — State House, District 15

Doreen Wonda Johnson — State House, District 5

Georgene Louis — State House, District 26

Andrea Romero — State House, District 46

Patricia Roybal Caballero — State House, District 13

Angelica Rubio — State House, District 35

Debbie Sariñana — State House, District 21

Melanie Stansbury — State House, District 28

Liz Thomson — State House, District 24

Linda Trujillo — State House, District 48


Elizabeth Allen — Los Alamos Municipal Judge, District 32

Jennifer Attrep — Judge of the Court of Appeals, Position 5

Kristina Bogardus — Judge of the Court of Appeals, Position 1

Katherine Bruch — Sandoval County Commission

Cristy Carbon-Gaul — Probate Court Judge, Bernalillo County

Rosemary Cosgrove-Aguilar — Judge, Bernalillo Metropolitan Court

Megan Duffy — Judge of the Court of Appeals, Position 4

Linda Gallegos — Sandoval County Assessor

Tanya Giddings — Bernalillo County Assessor

Jane Levy — Judge, District XXV, Bernalillo County

Jacqueline Medina — Judge of the Court of Appeals, Position 2

Diana Murillo-Trujillo — Anthony Mayor

Charlene Pyskoty — Bernalillo County Commission, District 5

Maria Sanchez-Gagne — District Court Judge, 1st Judicial District Court

Sara Scott — Los Alamos County Council, Position 1

Karen Trujillo — Dona Ana Commissioner

Glenna Voigt — PEC Rep, District 3

Marie Ward — District Court Judge, 2nd Judicial District

Courtney Weaks — Metropolitan Court Judge, Bernalillo County



Val Hoyle — Bureau of Labor and Industries

State Legislature

Teresa Alonso Leon — State House, District 22

Shemia Fagan — State Senate, District 24

Julie Fahey — State House, District 14

Alissa Keny-Guyer — Assistant Majority Leader, State House, District 46

Sheri Malstrom — State House, District 27

Karin Power — State House, District 41

Rachel Prusak — State House, District 37

Andrea Salinas — State House, District 38

Jennifer Williamson — Majority Leader, State House, District 36


Olivia Alcaire — Hillsboro City Council

Lacey Beaty — Beaverton City Council

Heather Buch — Lane County Commissioner

Shannon Cockayne — Independence City Council

Shirley Craddick — Metro Regional Government Council District 1

Sonya Fischer — Clackamas County Commission

Tonya Graham — Ashland City Council

CM Hall — Newport City Council

Kathryn Harrington — Washington County Commission

Paige Hook — Stayton City Council

Susheela Jayapal — Multnomah County Commission, District 2

Christine Lewis – Metro Regional Government Council, District 2

Ann Lininger — Clackamas County Circuit Court Judge

Jennifer McGuirk — Multnomah County Auditor

Beach Pace — Hillsboro City Council

Terri Preeg Riggsby — West Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District

Jules Walters — West Linn City Council


State Legislature

Maria Collett — State Senate, District 12

Carolyn Comitta — State House, District 156

Liz Hanbidge — State House, District 61

Kristine Howard — State House, District 167

Katie Muth — State Senate, District 44

Jennifer O’Mara — State House, District 165

Melissa Shusterman — State Senate, District 157

Lindsey Williams — State Senate, District 38

Rhode Island

State Legislature

Moira Walsh — State House, District 3

South Carolina


Allison Terracio — Richland County Council, District 5


State Legislature

London Lamar — State House, District 91

Katrina Robinson — State Senate, District 33


Terry Jo Bichell — Davidson County Executive Committee, D-34

Erin Curry — Giles County Commission, District 1

Deborah Holbrook — Washington County Commission, District 11

Deborah Harley-McClaskey — Tennessee State Executive Committee

Katharine Heriges — Davidson County Executive Commission, District 2

Martesha Johnson — Nashville Public Defender

Jodi Jones — Davidson County Commissioner

Amanda Moore — Murfreesboro City School Board At-Large

Evetty Satterfield — Knox County School Board District 1

Jolie Grace Wareham — Tennessee State Executive Committee

Civil Miller-Watkins — Fayette County School Board, District 2



Shannon Baldwin — Harris County Criminal Court Judge


State Legislature

Sarita Austin — State House, Chittenden 9-2

Becca Balint — Majority Leader, State Senate, Windham District

Jessica Brumsted — State House, Chittenden-5-2 District

Sara Coffey — State House, Windham -1

Kari Dolan — State House, Washington

Charen Fegard — State House, Franklin-5

Ruth Hardy — State Senate, Addison

Debbie Ingram — State Senate, Chittenden

Kathleen James — State House, Bennington-4

Emilie Kornheiser — State House, Brattleboro-1

Carol Ode — State House, Chittenden-6-1 District

Marybeth Redmond — State House, Chittenden 8-1

Rebecca White — State House, Windsor 4-2


Jana Brown — Richmond Library Trustee

Melody DeFlorio — Orange Southwest School Board

Sarah George — Chittenden County State’s Attorney

Martine Gulick — School Board, Burlington

Ashley Hill — Montpelier City Council, District 3

Cindy Jerome — Dummerston Town & School Moderator

Diane Kirson-Glitman — Mt. Mansfield School Union School Board

Nicole Mace — Winooski City Council

Madeline Motta — Assistant Judge for Lamoille County

Julie Raboin — Newport City Council

Korrine Rodrigue — Rutland Town School Board

Heidi Remick — Weathersfield School Board

Denise Smith — St. Albans School Board

Anne Watson — Montpelier Mayor



Abigail Spanberger — US Congress, VA-7


Elizabeth Bennett-Parker — Alexandria City Council

Selonia Miles — Dumfries Town Council

Sheila Olem — Herndon Town Council



Dr. Kimberly Schrier — US Congress, WA-8

State Legislature

Mona Das — State Senate, District 47

Lauren Davis — State House, District 32

Claire Wilson — State Senate, District 30


Janet St Clair — Island County Commissioner



Sarah Godlewski — State Treasurer

State Legislature

Jill Billings — State Assembly, District 95

Marisabel Cabrera — State Assembly, District 9

Dianne Hesselbein — State Assembly, District 79

LaKeshia Myers — State Assembly, District 12

Melissa Sargent — State Assembly, District 48

Shelia Stubbs — State Assembly, District 77

Lisa Subeck — State Assembly, District 78

JoCasta Zamarripa — State Assembly, District 8


Julie Allen — Lincoln County Board of Supervisors

Carousel Bayrd — Dane County Board of Supervisors

Carol Beals — Grant County Board of Supervisors

Tanya Buckingham — Dane County Board of Supervisors

Jessica Carpenter — Shorewood Village Board

Kate Cronin — Verona City Council

Nikiya Dodd — Milwaukee City Council, District 5

Jennifer Dye — Dane County Board of Supervisors

Analiese Eicher — Dane County Board of Supervisors

Jackie Gackstatter — Rock County Clerk of Courts

Jill Gaskell — Pecatonica School Board

Molly Grupe — Monona City Council

Sharon Hampson — La Crosse County Board of Supervisors

Kara Hawes — Rock County Board of Supervisors

Bryn Ege Horton — Sun Prairie School Board

Peg Isola — La Crosse County Board of Supervisors

Kari Ives — Chippewa County Board of Supervisors

Tara Johnson — La Crosse County Board of Supervisors

Katie Kohl — Verona City Council

Mary Kolar — Dane County Board of Supervisors

Mary Kubicki — Kenosha County Clerk

Emily Kuhn — Middleton City Council, District 4

Allison Leahy — Marathon County Board

Kriss Marion — Lafayette County Board Supervisor

Felesia Martin — Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors

Maureen McCarville — Dane County Board of Supervisors

Jackie Moore — Ashland City Council, School Board

Marcelia Nicholson — Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors

Alexandra Nugent — Town of Sheboygan Board of Supervisors 

Carla Quirk — Janesville School Board

Melissa Ratcliff — Cottage Grove Village Board

Michele Ritt — Dane County Board of Supervisors

Elizabeth Sumner — Fox Point Village Board

Stephanie Spellman — Winnebago County Board of Supervisors

Wendy Stallings — Sussex Village Board

Sequanna Taylor — Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors

Tina Tryggestad — La Crosse County Board of Supervisors

Mary Von Ruden — Monroe County Board of Supervisors

Hayley Young — Dane County Board of Supervisors