POINTS WERE MADE: The Case For The Biden-Harris Build Back Better Plan, Covid & Black Home Ownership Without Racist Obstacles

  • Oct 8, 2020
  • A'shanti F. Gholar, President of Emerge
  • YBF Politics

We’re less than 30 days away from the last day to vote in the 2020 election.  If you’re wondering which plans of Joe Biden‘s will benefit you the most – instead of just listening to what’s repeated by folks who haven’t even read his plan – we got you.

Just because you want better candidates that better reflect what you stand for doesn’t mean you just don’t participate in this election.  Candidate incubators, like Emerge, have been grooming everyday, amazing people for high positions in government as well as local positions.  And they’ve been super successful on the progressive front getting their well prepped candidates elected in droves recently – like Ayanna Pressley and Lucy McBath.

Our friend A’shanti Gholar – the President of Emerge – makes it plain about why Biden-Harris’ Build Back Better plan helps us black business owners, a path to homeownership without racist obstacles for Black Americans, the plan for the Covid crisis and pledging to put a woman on the Supreme Court, a woman Joe has already said he would want to reflect the legacy of the late Roe v. Wade icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg. We’re sharing her perfectly stated op-ed below.

Check it:

In last week’s debate, we saw only one leader, one president on that stage – and that was Joe Biden. He looked directly into the camera during the debate and spoke to us about what’s keeping us up late at night. He spoke to every American who lost loved ones to COVID and has an empty chair at their kitchen table; to all those who are having trouble making ends meet; and to all of us  who are feeling pain, anger, and frustration as we face multiple crises – this pandemic, systemic racism, a deep recession, and climate change.

 Joe Biden has empathy, and he is responding to the grief and trauma we feel. He cares about us. He knows we have work to do to build the country back better, and he has a plan to do that and ensure Black Americans finally have a fair shot in this country. Vice President Biden and Senator Harris have always been fighters for us, and I know they’ll continue to keep up the fight.

They’ll start by addressing the COVID crisis, which has disproportionately taken Black lives. Joe Biden has a plan to get it under control, to safely reopen our schools and workplaces, and to rebuild the economy. He knows that racial health disparities are not new – only worsened by this crisis – and he has a plan to address them that includes expanding access to health care with a new public option; reducing maternal mortality nationally, which is a crisis for Black mothers, and building a bigger pipeline of diverse health care professionals with investment in HBCUs.

Biden and Harris have proven track records of standing up for Black Americans, and they are committed to building a more just, more inclusive, and more equal future, especially for Black women. They see us, they listen to us, and they hear us.

As someone who has spent my career working to recruit and elect Democratic women, I’m a strong supporter of the Biden-Harris ticket. But as we head into tonight’s debate, I’m ready to double down and ensure that Joe Biden and Senator Harris are elected as our next president and vice president. If you haven’t already, visit iwillvote.com to make a plan to vote early. There’s no time to lose. We can’t wait. Do it right now. And then reach out to your family and friends to do the same.  Because we – Black women – will decide this election. So, let’s get to work and ensure we vote Donald Trump out.

A Biden-Harris Administration will also work to close the wealth and income gaps and boost economic mobility for Black women and men. They’ll fight for equal access to credit, for equal pay for equal work, and for stronger workers’ rights. They’ll work to expand Black homeownership and economic development.  And they’ll expand access to quality education, including a $70 billion investment in HBCUs. After spending their lives fighting for justice, I know they’ll work to reform our criminal justice system and to defend our civil and voting rights.

Joe Biden will  ensure our voices are at the table. He’s made that clear from selecting Kamala Harris as his running mate to pledging to put a Black woman on the Supreme Court and ensure his cabinet reflects America.

Vote NOW.  Vote early.  Request your ballot if you haven’t yet.  If you already have your ballot, mail it off NOW or physically return it to the appropriate location NOW. If you’re not mailing in or dropping off your ballot, show up to the polls November 3rd!  Ballotopedia is an amazing resource to check out virtually any candidate in any position in any state.  No excuses.  Let’s get it!