#LeadersMatter Salon w/ Stacey Abrams

“Across this country, and particularly in the South, we are seeing lawmakers move to restrict our democracy and silence the voices of millions of Americans. One of the ways we can defeat their efforts is by electing more Democratic women at every level. Here in Georgia, we need more leaders who will serve with integrity and compassion, and I am excited that Emerge will be here to get the job done.”
– Stacey Abrams

Emerge women are the answer.

So much is at stake this year – from voting rights to reproductive justice to anti-discrimination laws. Georgia is on the frontline of this fight and presents a huge opportunity to create progressive policies that benefit everyone, both in the South and beyond.

Join us for this timely conversation with the Democratic Nominee for the Governor of Georgia Stacey Abrams and Emerge President A’shanti Gholar!