Emerge Rhode Island

In Development: Emerge Rhode Island is currently raising seed funding.

Emerge Rhode Island will recruit, train and provide a powerful network for Democratic women who want to run for office across the state.

Emerge Rhode Island will level the playing field by recruiting and training Democratic women who want to run for office, but who may feel they lack the necessary knowledge or connections to mount a successful campaign.

Women make up 51.7% of Rhode Island’s population, but only 27.4% of the state legislature. Rhode Island only has two women in state executive elected office, and has yet to provide the right to earn paid sick days. Men hold Rhode Island’s two Congressional seats and its two Senate seats. Governor Gina Raimondo is the first woman to serve as Governor of Rhode Island, and she is one out of three Democratic woman serving as governors in the United States. Rhode Island has never had a female United States Senator and Rhode Island’s only female congresswoman was Republican Claudine Schneider, who ended her term in the House in 1991.

 This is why Rhode Island needs Emerge Rhode Island now!

Emerge Rhode Island will:

  • Recruit women to run for office at all levels of government
  • Train them to run effective campaigns and win races
  • Provide a powerful network to support women running for office

Click here to find out more about the Emerge model and our proven track record.

Emerge Rhode Island will become a part of this powerful national network, reaching every region of the country. For more information, please email laila@emergeamerica.org.

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Emerge Rhode Island is currently raising seed funding.
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