2021 Candidates

Check out the Emerge alums on the ballot in 2021!

List as of July 28, 2021



LaTonya Tate, Birmingham City Council, District 9



Mia Bonta, State Assembly, District 18

Annie Cho, State Assembly, District 38

Dallas Fowler, State Assembly, District 54

Malia Vella, State Assembly, District 18


Tara Beasley-Stansberry, Vallejo City Council, District 5




Erika Brown, Durango School Board

Anne Keke, Aurora Public Schools Board of Education

Sophia Mayott-Guerrero, Lakewood City Council Ward 2

Anita Seitz, Westminster Mayor (current Mayor Pro Tem)

Lisa Smith, Arvada City Council (At-large)

Nicole Speer, Boulder City Council (At-large) (intended)

Caitlin Wyrick, Loveland City Council, Ward 4



Susan Hutson, Orleans Parish Sheriff

Chelsey Richard Napoleon, Orleans Parish Clerk of Civil District Court




Gerly Adrien, Everett Council (At-large)

Maya Alkanj Jamaleddine, Melrose City Councilor (At-large)

Tania Anderson, Roxbury City Council, District 7

Katjana Ballantyne, Mayor of Somerville

Meredith Boericke, Braintree Town Council, District 5

Manikka Bowman, Cambridge School Committee

Liz Breadon, Boston City Council, District 9

Angelina Camacho, Boston City Council, District 7

Andrea Campbell, Mayor of Boston

Mary Chaffee, Brewster Select Board

Susan Chalifoux Zephir, Leominster City Council (At-large)

Ayanna Crawford, Springfield School Committee

Yenni Desroches, Worcester City Council, District 5

Jackie Doherty, Lowell School Committee

Lydia Edwards, Boston City Council, District 1

Annissa Essaibi-George, Boston City Council (At-large)

Veronica Fenton, Lenox School Committee

Jessica Finocchiaro, Methuen City Council (At-large)

Shanna Fishel, Mayor of Northampton

Margot Fleishman, Bedford Selectman

Julie Flowers, Beverly City Council (At-large)

Karen Foster, Northampton City Council, Ward 2

Andrea Freeman, Mayor of Leominster

Judith Garcia, Chelsea City Council, District 5

Jamila Gore, Northampton City Council (At-large)

Reeny Groden, Southampton Board of Selectmen

Beverly Hugo, Framingham School Committee

Meryl Kessler, Newton City Council, Ward 3

Shirley Konneh, Worcester City Council (At-large)

Amanda Linehan, Malden City Council, Ward 3

Rebecca Lisi, Holyoke City Council (At-large)

Sheila Lyons, Barnstable County Commissioner

Alanna Mallon, Cambridge City Council (At-large)

Stephanie Martins, Everett City Council, Ward 2

Bridget Matthews-Kane, Westfield City Council, Ward 3

Nicole McClain, Lynn City Council (At-large)

Melanie McLaughlin, Medford School Committee

Natasha Megie-Maddrey, Lynn City Council, Ward 4

Julia Mejia, Boston City Council (At-large)

Alice Merkl, Salem City Council (At-large)

Carla Monteiro, Boston City Council (At-large)

Nicole Morell, Medford City Council (At-large)

Erin Murphy, Boston City Council (At-large)

Tessa Murphy-Romboletti, Holyoke City Council (At-large)

Brenda Noel, Newton City Council, Ward 6

Tamika Olszewski, Newton School Committee

Samantha Perlman, Marlborough City Council (At-large)

Judy Pineda Neufeld, Somerville City Council, Ward 7

Jennifer Rait, Brookline Town Meeting, Position 4

Kelly Ransom, Boston City Council

Darlene Reina, Chicopee City Council

Sara-Lynn Reynolds, Attleboro City Council, Ward 1

Jessica Rushing, Pembroke Board of Selectmen

Katia Santiago-Taylor, Walpole School Committee

Rebecca Shangraw, Weymouth School Committee (At-large)

Sumbul Siddiqui, Cambridge City Council (At-large)

Theodora Skeadas, Cambridge City Council

Liz Speakman, Quincy School Committee

Yvonne Spicer, Mayor of Framingham

Kristen Stress, Somerville City Council (At-large)

Mary Tamer, Boston City Council, District 6

Anne Thalheimer, Holyoke City Council, Ward 3

Keri Thompson, Cohassett Board of Selectmen

Judith Underwood, Harwich Water Commissioner

Susan Voss, Northampton School Committee (At-large)

Josette Williams, Boston City Council, District 4

Ayesha Wilson, Boston City Council (At-large)

Michelle Wu, Mayor of Boston

Kate Wynne, Westwood Planning Board

New Mexico


Melanie Stansbury, U.S. Congress, NM-01


Becky Corran, Las Cruces City Council, District 5

New York


Sara Lind, New York City Council, District 6

North Carolina


Jasmine Beach Ferrara, U.S. Congress, NC-11



Ashley Carson-Cottingham, Salem-Keizer School Board

Laurie Cremona Wagner, Portland Community College Board

Ugonna Enyinnaya, Beaverton School Board

Ashley Espinoza, Bethel School Board

Neelam Gupta, Lake Oswego School Board

Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg, Beaverton City Council (Special Election)

Irene Konev, Clackamas Community College Board

Erika Lopez, Hillsboro School Board

Annette Mattson, Mt. Hood Community College Board

Sonja McKenzie, Parkrose School District

Felicita Monteblanco, Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District

Denee Newton Vasquez, Greater Albany School Board

Hoa Nguyen, David Douglas School Board

Karen Perez-Da Silva, Beaverton School Board

Erica Skatvold, Central Oregon Community College

Briana Spencer, Pendleton School Board

Amanda Squiemphen-Yazzie, Multnomah Education Service District

Andrea Valderrama, David Douglas School Board

Kathy Wai, North Clackamas School Board

Abbie Warmbier, McMinnville School District

Rose Wilde, Lane Education Service District

Helen Ying, Multnomah Education Service District



Wendi Barish, Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judge

Margie Brown, St. Mary’s City Council

Patti Bruno, Northampton County Council (At-large)

Janet Diaz, Lancaster City Council

Lillian DeBaptiste, Mayor of West Chester

Mercedes Evans, Camp Hill Borough Council

Danelle Fournier, Mayor of West Conshohocken

LouCrecie Garlanger, Upper Moreland Township School Director

Ce-Ce Gerlach, Mayor of Allentown

Bernadette Hannah-Barone, Middletown Township Board of Supervisors

Lavet Henderson, Harrisburg City Council

Susan Henderson-Utis, Rose Tree Media School Board

Bonny Hodges, 4th Ward Commissioner, Springfield

Joyce Keller, Whitpain Township Board of Supervisors

Adrienne King, Pennridge School Board

Lydia Laythe, Erie County Council

Karen Mallah, Camp Hill School Board

Kimberly McGlonn, Jenkintown Borough Council

Samantha Newell, Rutledge Borough Council

Bhavini Patel, Edgewood Borough Council

Monet Reilly, Judge of Elections

Maraleen Shields, Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas

Antonetta Stancu, Bucks County District Attorney

Taiba Sultana, Easton City Council

Audrey Ware, Township Supervisor in Montgomery Township

Tara Zrinski, Northampton County Council

South Carolina


Heather Bauer, Columbia City Council

Deanna Miller Berry, Mayor of Denmark

Aditi Bussells, Columbia City Council

Tameika Isaac Devine, Mayor of Columbia

Tina Herbert, Columbia City Council

LaShonda NeSmith Jackson, Florence City Council

Alicia Sullivan, Laurens City Council



Dawn Adams, House of Delegates, District 68

Hala Ayala, Lt. Governor

Elizabeth Guzman, House of Delegates, District 31

Annette Hyde, House of Delegates, District 30

Irene Shin, House of Delegates, District 86

Katie Sponsler, House of Delegates, District 66



Saudia Abdullah, King County Council, District 7

Lydia Assefa-Dawson, King County Council, District 7

Melissa Bedford, Spokane School Board, District 3

Dawn Bennett, Mayor of Kent

Kelly Blucher, Tacoma City Council, District 2

Anastasia Brencick, Anacortes School Board, District 1

Alicia Crank, Edmonds City Council, District 1

Brandy Donaghy, Snohomish Council Council, District 5

Katherine Festa, Federal Way City Council, District 4

Chauné Fitzgerald, Richland City Council, District 1

Tracy Flood, Bremerton Municipal Court Judge

Kaylee Galloway, Whatcom County Council, District 1

Cindy Gobel, Marysville City Council, District 1

Toshiko Hasegawa, Seattle Port Commission, District 4

Norma Hernandez, Mayor of College Place

Darcy Huffman, Olympia School Board, District 3

Deborah Kilgore, Edmonds School Board, District 4

Tiffany LaFontaine, Federal Way School Board

Naz Lashgari, Lynwood City Council, District 2

Tanya Lavoy, Snoqualmie City Council, District 5

Rebecca Lewis, Whatcom County Council, District 3

Soleil Lewis, Des Moines City Council, District 7

Ruth Lipscomb, Bellevue City Council, District 4

Kate Moran, Mayor of West Richland

Kathy Mulkerin, Walla Walla School Board, District 1

Nicole Ng-A-Qui, Snohomish County Council, District 1

Liz Olhsson, Lakehaven Water and Sewer Commission

Shukri Olow, King County Council, District 5

Debbie Page, Black Diamond City Council, District 7

Diana Perez, Vancouver City Council, District 3

Sarah Perry, King County Council, District 3

Elizabeth Pew, Tacoma Port Commissioner, District 2

Linda Redmon, Mayor of Snohomish

Naghmana Sherazi, Spokane City Council, District 1

Debra Srebnik, Kenmore City Council, District 6

Nadine Stecklein, College Place City Council, District 3

Nikki Torres, Pasco City Council, District 3

Kim-Khanh Van, King County Council, District 9

Robin Vazquez, Lacey City Council, District 4



Jill Underly, Superintendent of Public Instruction

Angela Cunningham, Kenosha County Circuit Court, Branch 6

Katie Kegel, Milwaukee County Circuit Court, Branch 3



Julie Allen, Town of King Treasurer

Mary Arnold, Mayor of Columbus

Faustina Bohling, Sun Prairie City Council, District 4

Jessica Carpenter, Shorewood Village President

Carolyn Clow, McFarland Village President

Bryn Ege Horton, Sun Prairie School Board

Loreen Gage, Monona Grove School Board

Erin Gallagher, Darlington City Council, District 5

Jill Gaskell, Pecatonica Area School Board

Joyce Hall, Hudson Common Council, District 6

Jenna Jacobson, Oregon Village Board President

Leah Schreiber Johnson, Oak Creek-Franklin School Board

Raisa Koltun, Whitefish Bay Village Board

Melissa Lemke, Racine Common Council, District 15

Lindsay Lemmer, Madison Common Council, District 3

Abby Lowery, Deforest Village Board

Arvina Martin, Madison Common Council, District 11

Barbara McKinney, Madison Common Council, District 1

Diane Odeen, River Falls City Council

Kerry Reis, Hudson Common Council, District 1

Emily Siegrist, Brown Deer Village Board

Wendy Stallings, Sussex Village Board

Liz Sumner, Fox Point Village Board

Natalia Taft, Racine Common Council, District 13

Maiyoua Thao, Appleton Common Council, District 7

Regina Vidaver, Madison Common Council, District 5

Anissa Welch, Mayor of Milton

Laura Valderrama, Shorewood Hills Village President